New layout!
Aug 31, 2009 // 10:24 AM
This layout has been so much fun to make! I love it to bits, but i think i need to add something to it, but i dont know what, yet. But i'm just a perfectionist so maybe its just me?
I got the image from...ahh sugar! I cannot find the source, honestly what am i like! Anyway i found it on deviantart, and i was going to post on their comment linking to where i have used their image.
The background is also from deviantart, but its a pattern for photoshop and i got it from here. See i do link :D I wanted something with a bit more colour, but not so much it would make you shild your eyes. So i chose the light green and purpley-reddy colour- if you can call it that.

I have also added Flick to the cool ones. If you don't know who she is, she is my twin sister who has a make up/fashion blog :) Which means i can steal her top-notch make up :D

Oh and i will definelty, definetly, definetly!!! Get a deviantart account tomorrow, unless either a pack of elephants trample on my laptop.

Hmm this blog seems scatty, oh well, i will love you and leave you with this cute youtube video, which im sure everyone has seen!

Days and daze
Aug 30, 2009 // 8:56 AM
Ok guys, i know in my last post i did say i would get a deviantart account by now, but sadly i have not got round to getting one. I do have a few things i would put on, so i will defo have an account by wednesday at the latest :)

Reason why i have not got my account yet? Well the day after i posted my previous post, i went down town with my twinnie Flick, who is going to the same uni as me this year (she took a gap year to earn some money), so i will be in my 2nd year and she in her 1st. She decided at 10am whilst i was stil in jammies to tell me we were going shopping for uni stuff. So i had to wizz upstairs and get ready within half an hour :S So after making myself look half decent we venture out to the shops.

Our first stop Next- We spent half an hour looking at cups, tea-towels and mainly bedding, which may i add are very expensive at next, the cheapest i found was £30, and it was the ugliest bedding i have ever set eyes on. So we tootled off to other stores and went to Wilkinsons to get kitchen cutlery, and would you believe i found really nice bedding for £10...£10?!! thats great in my books especially from a poor university students perspective :D
So in all we ended up buying my bedding, some kitchen cutlery and writing supplies from WHsmiths. Though we still need other things such as water purfier (tap water in Nottingham is disgusting) and duvets, which my Dad will drive us to a department store to buy.

Friday...what did i do friday?! Hmm oh yeah....Well that was the day i decided i needed a new design for the blog. It took me a while to decide what i wanted to change and the design, then i started throwing some ideas down on Photoshop, which did not go to plan at all, it looked horrible, so im sticking to a fresher layout that what i have now, without much photo's etc, it will be done by tomorrow im hoping. So keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, we went to visit my brother and his wife for the day. They have just moved into a new house and have loads of plates and kitchen stuff, so gave us a whole box of university goodies, so i dont have to fork out money for plates etc :) Whoohooo!

That my update and i will post again tomorrow :) Maybe with a new layout!

What a strange day
Aug 26, 2009 // 6:50 AM
So today is my parents 20th Wedding aniversary! They are playing it very low key by exchanging cards and thats about it :) My brother send some flowers, wine and champagne over to the house, which im sure they will share with their lovely children :D Hopefully!
(My parents on our most recent holiday to Spain )

So everything was suppose to be lovely, peacefull and generally a nice day for the both of them. My dad had a few errands to run up near London to collect some things for his business, so he went at 5am this morning since its 4 hours away, and did not want to get caught in the traffic! So at about 1:30pm we get a phone call from dad: he has been in a car accident....A car behind him was driving at 100mph whilst dad was at 65mph, the car drove right into him, crushing the back of the car like a coke can when you stamp on it. He has a minor neck injury, whiplash and a headache :( The other careless driver said "It was on cruise control" yeah like that would make you smash into a fucking car- its the careless driver who decided to push the 70mph speed limit not the car.
God some people should have their licence removed!

OK anyway moving on before i explode... I have just started reading Stieg Larrson's 2nd book called The girl who played with fire. I'm only on page 23 and its hooked me all ready, its feels like its going to be much better than the previous one (if that's even possible!).

Also Ive started some photo-manipulations, and should get an account on deviantart sometime next week, when i can be bothered. And today i finally found my Graphic tablet, so i might start again on drawing. Does anyone know of any good tutorial sites, i think i could brush up on how to draw with the graphic tablet again- i havent used in ages!

Ohh it grinds my gears!
Aug 24, 2009 // 7:56 AM (by far the best forum ever) has a topic called "You know what really grinds my gears" i was going to post my ''gear grinding" on that topic but its too big to put onto one post, so Ive come to vent to thee :)

OK here is the scene: I offer to go to the post office which is a 10 minute walk away to post a package for my mum. The weather was cloudy but it was the fluffy white kind that don't look angry but more "Hey there Nichola! Please enjoy you walk, we promise not to rain upon you.". So i tootle of to the shop, bearing in mind i have make up on (mainly mascara) and no umbrella, since the fluffy clouds look like no danger.
I get outside and turn the corner towards the post office, and i see the biggest most meanest cloud in the history of clouds. The only way i could describe this cloud is: have you ever watched those documentaries about tornado's and there is always those huge black cloud right above the tornado's, well that is exactly what my cloud looked like.
I thought that i could maybe get in the post office and out within 2 Min's if there wasn't a Que, and then leg it back home within 5 Min's without getting wet.... Little did i know there were another 4 people in front of me at the post office, and only one till open. Hope was still present at this point, holding onto the hope that it would pass over or fend off until i was safely at home.
But of course, when i finally get served and pay for the package, i glance outside and the rain! Oh god the rain! It was pelting it down, far worse than i have imagined it to be. By Jove that rain cloud was in an angry mood. No sign of the nice fluffy cloud, must of been scared of...
It looked like it wasn't going to stop any time soon, so i ventured out into the rain, without cover in seconds it was like i have been swimming with my clothes on. None of the car drivers would not let me cross in my time of need, so i had to wait 4 bloody minutes at the crossing until the cars stopped. After that i legged it back home, and typically it stopped when i entered the house.

My make up, or what was left of it, was steaming down my face, it looked like a scene off a horror film! So i got in, and my sister just looked at me and said "Ill brew up!" i got changed out of my wet clothes took my make up off my face and my mum dried my hair :D Which reminded me of being a child and my mum drying my hair, aww!

Now I'm all cuddled up in jogging bottoms and a cuddly jumper, with a cuppa tea. And feeling much better after this vent of anger!

Have you got the Merry Morries factor!
Aug 23, 2009 // 5:14 AM
OMG how amazingly awesome was the x factor last night!? (Sorry US people if you havent the foggiest what im talking about) Im rooting for Danyl to win, he is so talented and by far the best performance i have seen. If you havent seen or cannot remember his audition, follow this link.

Anyway back to reality! Although its only a Sunday: where god told us all to have a day of rest (ie. sleep and basically do nothing!) i was up and rearing to go at 8am, Flick was blasting her hairdryer getting ready for work, dad was fast asleep and mother nature was downstairs all ready for the day. Flick starts work at 10am and my mum wanted to nip down to Merry Morries (Morrisons) to get something for tea, of which we later decided on a chicken salad- yum! So Dad dropped Flick off at work and me and mother nature at morries. Though it was only 9:50am morrisons was open but wasnt letting anyone use the checkouts untill 10am on the dot. I was rather confused untill mum told me they cannot legally sell anything untill 10am, because they can only be open for a certain time... rather strange i thought, because there is a tesco 24 hours which is open 24/7.

Also dont you just hate it when little kids constantly stare at you whilst your browsing the isles. I was following mother nature round Morries, and i noticed this child in a trolly stareing at me- she must have been about 5 or something. So i turn to my mum and ask "Do i have something on my face, or in my hair?", she looks at me as if i have lost it and replies "No...not that i can see". "So why the hell is that little kid stareing at me?!" i ask. Eeeeeee, some freeky children out there!

Library and Fiver Words
Aug 21, 2009 // 7:09 AM
Yesterday Kristin posted the 'five words' game, you basically ask for five words and then write what each word means to you. So without further ado...

This is my ticket to getting to my dream career. I loved being at school chatting to friends, my fave memories are of PSHE lessons, though they were deemed pointless with my peers, some were fun to do, such as making and marketing your made up product to your class, and some not so fun: writing a CV, revision sessions. Education is now a choice for me, as i decided i wanted a career and to get into uni , not a mandontary task to complete like it was in high school.

I would not consider this one of my strong points, i have a tendency to waffle on. The only writing i do consists of blogging, university assignment and chatting to friends online. I love reading other peoples blogs, to see their thoughts on certain subjects and just a nosey into other peoples lifes! Writing means to me apreciating books and the authors who write them, and having the skill of writing without waffeling on ^-^

Caffeine means that hot, freshsmell of coffee in the morning, or waiting for a train and seeing passengers with their steaming hot of coffee! When i was younger i went totally hyper on caffeine based products, especially coffee, so i had to stick with the de-caf :D

This means to me what you are passionate about, i am passionate about gaining good grades at uni, landing my dream job, and anything to do with the environment. I always assume if your not passionate about something you will never thrive in it, i choosed my uni course (health and environment) because i knew it meant something to me, i knew i would get good results because i am passionate about the environment.

Hmm work, i have not worked in a shop or any type of job. I have worked in volenteer jobs, which is good fun :) Erm i think work means working on assignments, trying to cram everything i know into pieces of work, it means those late nights trying to complete the assignment before the deadline.

Yay! I liked this game :) If you want your own 5 words just ask in the comments.

Yesterday night, or i could say at 1am this morning i finished reading The City Of Bones by Cassandra Claire. If your following me on you will know i have just rated this 3/5, it was a good storyline of real life/fantasy/magic all rolled into one. But there were enough plot holes to last a life time, and the overuse of magic (magic stones, magic medicine, magic mirror, magic door, magic weapons, magic transport, blah blah blah!) was frustrating. However i rated this 3/3 because it was a comical book, i laughed out loud in some parts, especially the Jesus quote with Simon! It was a light read, and I'm not sure if i will be buying the book that comes after it, unless its in a charity shop for £1.

Realising i have no more books to read, i went to the local library this morning, with a list of 6 books i knew they had in stock. I ended up with 3 of them... all because they have about 500 million sections like fiction, non-fiction, YA, sci-fi, etc. I was looking for a book by Michael Crichton in the Fiction section, obviously it wasn't there, they probably put it in another section. This happened with another 2 books...

The three books i loaned out are;

(The thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella, The last Theorem by Arthur C. Clarke & Frederik Pohl, Skin Tight by Carl Hiaasen)

I'm definitely looking forward to reading The thirteenth tale, its been getting really good reviews :)

Resolutions nightmare!
Aug 20, 2009 // 8:28 AM
How annoying. Ive just spend the day trying to sort out the blog's css stylesheet, because i realised when i logged onto my blog today on my sister laptop (which had a different monitor resolution), that the blog was out of proportion. So i apologize to all who had to look at my horrible messy blog whilst i was non-the-wiser!

So i have spent 3 hours trying many different combinations of css, i even changed all my px to %, then realised this made it worse so i had to change everything back- and i had not even saved a backup file of the stylesheet to paste back in, so i spent another 30 minutes putting it back together >:(. Then after my mum told me to nip to the shop to buy some bread, i realised whilst walking to the shop that the problem is the main image (the cat) which is a background image. So all i needed to do was delete that and make a DIV header and put the image in there... *head to desk*

Now heres hoping its ruddy fixed! Please comment telling me if its not still in disaster mode :)

On another note, today my sister (Flick) told me she has her own blog all about make up and fashion, i was reading it this morning and its really good (Now no gloating Flick!). I have added her to my blogroll as Flick. She has also started making youtube videos, which i star in her lastest one :D but im not sure if she has uploaded it yet. Ill post it on the next blog for you all :D
Linkage= Flicks make up blog!

Again appologies for the bad layout and i hope its much better now!

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Starburst soap
Aug 19, 2009 // 7:45 AM
Just got out from the shower, feeling rather refreshed and smelling like starbursts :D (i went to lush the other day and bought some natural soap that contains lemons, melon and other fruity stuff, that smells exactly like starbursts!). Yes i know its only 3:50pm, i havent just got up... honest!
I was stripping wallpaper in the conservatory, which took all morning- stuborn pieces of wallpaper! God only knows what strength of super-glu the previous house owners used instead of wallpaper paste.

Hmm, hello handsome! I have been drooling over these photo's of Ryan Kwanten, who stars in True blood playing Jason Stackhouse. I was watching the lastest episode online the other night and thought it was so sad especially the Goderich plotline :'(

Though i may be saying this in most posts this month, of which i apologise in advance, i have 27 days untill i move back to University into my new house. Im totally excited about seeing all my friends again, but i dead nervous about the classes since i will be in my second year, so all my assignments will go to my final mark, compared to my first year where i only needed 40% to pass the year. But hopefully fingers crossed i will be fine!!

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Fashion week!
Aug 14, 2009 // 8:26 AM
Yet more money is pouring out of my bank balance (where did it all go wrong?!), well it is partly my fault...but mostly Flicks fault. Though we have not ordered the tickets, we are going to watch the clothes show live this December (Yes, the same December we go to watch James Morrison- cant f**king wait!). The clothes show live is...according to their website:
From 4 – 9 December, NEC Birmingham, Clothes Show Live will be celebrating it’s 21st Birthday! In true party style, this December Clothes Show Live is officially kicking off your Christmas party season with the hottest fashion and beauty trends and killer looks for the festivities ahead!

With all your favourite features and more, the show is set to be bigger and better than ever. See the party themed catwalk showcase in the Fashion Theatre, with hot male models and dynamic dancers, meet your favourite celebs and shop, shop, shop from gorgeous brands and boutiques.

Im trying to find the ticket prices, gawd i had them here somewhere... A-ha found them! I also need to select the date from either Friday 4th to Wednesday 9th, but i want to know what is happening on each of these days so i can pick the best ones, or do you think every day will be the same? Ugh im confused!

Ive been swaying toward the more expensive ticket (naturally) since it has:

I think im drooling over a bag....
I really really need that bag, like now please!

Moving on, the clothes show live has celebrity appearences (please let there be Peter Andre strutting down the catwalk without a top on!), there are tonnes of stalls selling clothes, and people giving out freebies. So i think you can tell why i really want to go!

Here is the website if you want any more info:

1.Have you been to the clothes show live? If so what did you think of it?
2. Team peter or Katie (Sorry US people if you dont understand this!)?

Im Team Peter <3

-It seems a while since ive asked questions!

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Ipod touch or Iphone?
Aug 11, 2009 // 8:11 AM
I checked my student account yesterday and found i only have £270. Which i guess is quite a lot of money since its whats left over from my student loan and i paid back £800 one month ago. Then i realised £250 will be taken out at the end of September for my house in Nottingham-Eeee! I move into the house in 1 months time :) Which leaves me with £20...Yeah im very very poor!
But to be honest i really don't need to buy much at the moment: i have all the clothes i want, honestly you should see my wardrobe! Its jam packed :D, I don't spend money on food or other stuff, since im living with my parents whilst im on summer holidays, so they buy everything i need.

Also i cannot remember if i wrote about this in a previous post, but my phone has died about 2 weeks ago, the backlight has gone, so i cannot see the screen unless im in a room that has no windows then i can sort of see it. So im going to try to get it fixed, God knows my phone is my lifeline at uni!! When i went into the T-Mobile store to ask what was wrong with the phone, they told me it was because it got condensation in the battery (this has got to be the most sensitive phone ever made) so i cant get a new phone from them, then they told me the contract ends in January. So my dad said that i could have an iphone for Christmas or my Birthday (Jan 2nd), instead of renewing the contract with the phone, if it gets fixed.

But I have been looking for a new ipod touch this week, as my old one was stolen in Nottingham *Sadface*. But then when my parents told me yesterday i could have an iphone instead of me forking out money that i dont have £20 (i was going to buy the ipod touch with student loan money tehe! I did the same with my laptop last year :))
The iphone seems so good, since it means i wont have to carry around a new phone and a new ipod touch.

I love the fact that it has the internet, applications (god i miss those!), and what i found to be quite strange is you can record and take photos, which is definelty better than the ipod touch. So im swaying towards the iphone. I also love the fact that they have added a compass application, y'know just in case you get lost in the middle of a city, you can refer to your compass- tehe.

So what do you think Ipod Touch or Iphone?


Aug 5, 2009 // 2:46 AM
Yay! My books finally came on July 30th comapred to August 3rd when they said they would arrive, so horah for new and early books. I read Breaking Dawn first, and finished it within 2 days- though 700 pages isnt really that long i supose... Anyway, i was really looking forward to it, and from reading the 3 previous books in the Twilight saga i was hoping it would get better than the 2nd and definetly the 3rd book. Sadly my hopes were squashed *sad face* the book was full of plot holes and too much was going on, it seemed to me like Stephanie Meyer decided to cram all her Twilight ideas into one last book.
If i was to review this novel, i would give it 1/5. I am a member of a site called and i came across a funny and very true review of Breaking Dawn, though it does contain spoilers.

Also i have been a bit blonde (yet again!) when i ordered the three books i didn't properly read the descriptions. So when i opened my amazon package last week, imagine my suprise when i found The city of ember but for school children, adapted from the film with pictures from the film...
So there i was slightly annoyed at myself and amazon saying "I didn't order this!" to which my sister replied "Go check your amazon order online". So i checked it, then realised i had not looked at the description of the book, but instead looked at the book cover *head to desk*.
So i had to return it, and now i cant be bothered to re-order it. But i bought another book the day after when i went shopping with my sister to meadowhall, The girl with the dragon tatoo which i have started reading yesterday, and so far its rather good. Im on page 55 at the moment and it feels like the writing style of Dan Brown. Or am i too observant?! Hehe

As you can see i have updated some bits of the blog :) I didnt really like my old twitter status thing on my sidebar, i thought it looked ugly, so i was surfing twitter yesterday and found this nifty thing. But it needs flash or something to be seen, so if you cannot see the twitter status thingy please tell me then i will change it to the HTML one :)

OMG OMG OMG! Have you been watching True Blood? Its only just came out in England, but i have been watching it online (Naughty naughty!) so im on season 2 episode 7 (i think?) i think the gay guy in the kitchen is my fave character especially in season 1, but in season 2 i feel so sorry for him. I didnt realise it was a book until yesterday when i was on goodreads and saw a topic about the Sookie Stackhouse book series.

Also only 42 days till i move into the new flat and back to uni!

Much love

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