Freshers ball
Oct 20, 2008 // 4:55 PM
*Sings bwithced song*
Just got back from Freshers ball, even if it is early! And it was amazingly awesome! I went with a freind from my class, because most of my flat couldnt get tickets due to sold outness. Anyways i met up with her in the students union, and met her flatmates who were really nice and very fun to be around!
I didnt have to buy one single drink due to everyone buying me one, which i was rather happy with because i had to fork out £5 today because my sister broke my flatmates very expensive plate! (Why oh why, did i let her stay over the weekend?!?).
I wore this gorgoues dress (yes i cant spell get over it!) from topshop by love uk, i suggest you get to bum to topshop and go ransack the rales for LOVE UK, because they rock! I bought two dresses at the student sale (dont you just love being a student!) for £50 alltogether, both by LOVE UK, one is tartan, which is dead on trend and my other is in a navy black and i love them to bits! I got quite a few wolf wissles whilst dressed in them! So my happyness and confidence sky rocked tonight!
I dont think the Vodka and redbull's helped hahehaha, (i know when i read this tomorrow morning, even though it is morning...i will be thinking wtf?!).
Hmm ok what else happened? Oh Bwitched played at midnight *listens to tumbleweed go past* they were rather funny. Picture this... Freshers all hyped up with awesome music...the DJ shouting random crap at us, as they do... alcohol flowing through our system and then... BWITCHED come on stage... ohh the silence! But the funny thing was it was quite fun, because it was soo chessy and everyone was recording it! Im thinking for youtube purposes lol.

Well that was the end of that night, and the reason why im still wide awake at 1am and i have a free day tomorrow because of teacher strikes, yehaaa! But im going to have to start on a assignment, because i have like 4 so far due in before xmas and ive not even started! Eeek!

Ok i will go to beddie boes now. Much love and all that :)
Comments are as usual welcome :)
x x x

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So tired...
Oct 11, 2008 // 10:35 AM
Sorry about the lack of blogging in the past few days, ill tell you all about my hetic week :)

Ok ill start of with some bad news. Me and my boyfreind have broke up. We both decided that its best us being freinds because we don't see much of each other, with us being at different uni's. I was very sad when we decided this but the flat next door and my flat had a girly night in with lots of DVD's to last us a lifetime! Still sad but im glad the freindship hasnt ended :)

I had an initial welcome session for my course: environmental health. I met up with a girl from my class, who i knew from facebook and we both decided to get lost together in the huge big building we are supose to be in. So we end up finding the room after a while, and i've been told that this course will have mostly postgrad's (older people). But nope! Its basically half and half, but mind you the older people have minds you would expect a teenager such as myself to have.
This was on Thursday, and all of my flatmates have started their course two days before, which was strange but they also had only 1 hour lectures about their course. But oh no! Not us! We have to have a 9-4pm lecture, this involved baloon popping, bingo and about 10 powerpoint presentations!
But im sooooo excited about starting the course on Monday! We have lectures on buildings, biosphere, law and government etc. Ahh super excitement times 10!

Oh and i nearly commited murder to the univeristy the other day. Here is some background so you know why i was soo mad. Wednesday night we all went out to the clubs till 2pm then we came back to the flat and had more drinkies and ended up getting to bed at 3pm (?). So there i was fast asleep, and the freeking alarm clock went off... that is what i thought it was until i looked at my clock and saw it wasn't set for the alarm. By this point i was totally sleep deprived and wanting to go back to bed, but still wanting to know what this f-ing sound was. Now it kicks in that the fire alarm is going off... at 7am... when they knew the whole of our campus were out last night till the early hours...ugh!
So i chuck on my old jeans (from laundry pile) and put on an awful jacket not thinking the whole of Gill street will see me, i dont even put a comb through my hair... arghhh!
So we all scuttle outside into the cold that is England into the car park, from looking at everyone else, the girls looked like the were sleeping with their GHD's and make up. Me on the other hand looked like i slept in a bush!
So you see me wanting to commit murder wasnt really that bad was it now?!

Also im joining the Conservation society! Yehaaa! Lmao, when i told my sister that im joining the society, she started laughing at me! She said geeks join it, isnt geek chic in acording to vogue? If it isnt it should be!

I am now at home with my sister for the weekend, my brother and his wife (so strange saying that now they have just got married!) are coming down too tomorrow, can't wait to see them! Just made my first curry, with a little help from Flick, because i forgot to put the paste thingy in with the chicken (Zizzle and Stir anyone?) while raw, and ended up putting it in when the chicken was cooked. So my mum has told me she will write some recipes down for me so that im not stuck on chicken nuggs and chips and the pasta basics!

Allright im off now to go and do something productive, which involves facebook and radio one!
Feel free to comment, especially about any easy cheap recipies that i can't kill :D
Much love
Nic xxx

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Oct 3, 2008 // 4:52 AM
Hey guys
Ahh this week has been mental! The first night i arrived, i ended up just going to sleep early because i was so tired. (HA what student lifestyle!) Anyways the next night, me, Roo, Anna and Daniel all went out to Nottingham... and i can tell you from a new student who hasn't been to Nottinham ever before, it was amazing.
We first started in the local pub, which wasnt full of many students as yesterday night (tell you later about that!) but it was still quite busy! Then we went to about 5 other places, scattered around Nottingham, the best by far was one with beds all around the club, and you used them for seats obvs! Sooo comfy! Definetly going there again!
We all ended up getting absolutly wrecked it was so funny, especially some of the convosations that we had that night! Some including pigs being like sheep -ha!

So far i have spent over £30 on my phone oin about 4 days due to my parents calling me every 5 seconds! Mind you i do have contract thanks to my dad :D So i have enought money on my phone i think last time i checked i had £90 for some reason even though the contract was £25 a month, i havent the fogs how this works but, meh i'm not complaining!

Just got a text of my sister who goes to Leeds Met, and she has just arrived home to see my mum and dad! She hasnt seen them in 2 weeks, and i havent seen her in 2 weeks either, but i think she may be staying over some time next week hopefully!

Ok so the plans for tonight? I think were going to the biggest clubs in nottingham, now that we have out NTU ID's we can get into the main clubs, Horahh!

Feel free to comment :)

This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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