Can i give up guys for next lent?!
Mar 5, 2010 // 2:37 PM
If waking up at 7am in the morning and having to catch a jam packed tram and then bus to silly Clifton campus just for a 2 hour lab session (Im normally situated in the City campus, i live in the city whilst Clifton is a 40 min bus ride in rush hour traffic at 8am) wasnt enough. Fate decided to throw me more things at me at full force.
I get this message this morning from Andy:
'Your profile pic confuses me, as it reminds me of a girl i use to fancy...'

I reply with:
'Use to?'

He replies:
'Yeah someone i went to school with'

Me again...
'Maybe you should get back in contact with her'

Andy: The guy who asked me out for a drink who i have known for a while, we shared a kiss and he walked me home. I then text him the next day to see if he wanted to hang-out, i get no reply- bearing in mind we always text or chat over Facebook. This happens for 2 weeks, until i decide to not bother with him any more. Then i find out he has a girlfreind- im thinking this is the reason why he didn't chat to me at all.

Ok so today i was rather suprised to get a message from him like that- i mean come on he is blatently messing with my head, who says "your profile photo reminds me of someone i use to fancy" to someone you kissed and made it pretty clear to her that you liked her ages ago.
[Note: Fancy- good grief it sounds like im back at school!]

Oh and he has split up with his girlfreind.

So what shall i make of this?

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