Jun 30, 2009 // 8:32 AM
Woke up this morning. Decided i had nothing to do, since i went shopping yesterday with Flick (ended up with the new Glam eyes Mascara by Rimmel- Which is rubbish don't buy it!).

So i decided to make a new layout, and ta-daaaa! I hope you like it, the cat is an image of Jessie (Flicks cat) who is always asleep. Honestly right this minute she is in the hallway...asleep! We have a private joke in our house that Jessie has Narclopsy. She just flops down anywhere and sleeps, its really scary, especially at night when all is quite and dark, then suddenly "Meow!" she has launched herself upon the bed, and is sleeping right next to you, which makes it difficult to turn over.

I've added some more 'Loved ones', so go check them out :)

Has anyone joined Goodreads.com? It's a website where you can record what books you have read, currently reading or would like to read. You can also review books you have read and give them a score of 5. It has a huge selection of books on its database that you can search and find reviews, and recomendations from other users.
I am absolutely addicted to it, and have found a fair few books i would like to read. So if you enjoy reading i suggest goodreads :)

I hate having no cash :( When me and Flick went shopping yesterday, i had £200 in my account left over from student loans, and i want to keep it around £200 for a 'just in case' money runs out next year whilst at uni. My sister has a job at River Island, so she has tonnes of money stashed away, she is buying dresses from ASOS.COM whilst i can only afford a measly mascara.
There are no jobs available in Chesterfield, and i supose that a shop would not want to employ a student who will be returning to Nottingham in 3 months. So im stuck with being poor, and having so spare cash to splurge :'(

Much love

1. How can i make money? (Apart from selling myself to science)
2. Like my new layout?
3. What was your latest splurge?

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Back to Sunny England!
Jun 25, 2009 // 1:17 PM
Well you will be glad to know that i arrived safely (bar one plane dying on us...) back in the love of my life that is England! Yes i know i arrived back on Monday night, and its now Thursday (Ha! I just wrote Wednesday then looked at my calender and realised it was Thursday- oh my word, the days are flying fast).

The most scariest thing happened when we was sat in the plane ready to take off to Spain...
Piolet: "Hello, could i have your attention please?"
*Everyone huses and listens, sensing the seriousness of his voice*
"A few of you have came forward and have witnessed that there is a leak under the plane. We are aware of this, and it is common sometimes for there to be a leak from the air conditioning."
*Slight raise of eyebrows among us all*
"We knew that there was a leak, but from further research into the reason for the leak we have found that the brake fluid is leaking, and not the air conditioning unit. We will try to fix this so there will an hours wait. "
*Some people at this point have their mouths open with shock, i was panicking, and everyone was silent with shock*
"So you will need to leave the air craft. We will be sure to fix this problem as soon as possible, and we are sorry for the wait."

So we all end up back in the airport, waiting for an hour. Thank god it was not longer! Then when we see on the screen that we can board the plane. Which we all see is a new plane... But just imagine if they did not know the leak was the brake fluid. Ohhh its scary just thinking about it!

Apart from a near death experience from the plane, the holiday was amazing! We was right on the beach, the bars and harbour. We had a routine;
1. 9am- Wake up, then go get some breakfast. Which was a buffet style restarun, so i have put on a bit of weight lol
2. 10:30ish- Sunbath/ have a morning walk then sunbath
3. 6pm-Go up to room and get ready/ watch TV for a while
4. 8pm- Go down to the restarunt
5. 10pm- Hit the bars/ go for a walk on the beach/ harbour

So basically all in all a wonderfull relaxing holiday!

If any of my readers are from England, have you by any chance seen the documentary about Homelessness? Where 4 celebs see what it is like to become homeless in London. I must say it was very eye opening, i even bought a big issue today off a very friendly guy, and i felt so happy about doing something good :) I didnt even know the people who sold the big issue were homeless! Naive i know! So if you ever come across i homeless person selling a big issue, buy it, it is full of useful and interesting articles, and your helping those in need.

Also im really really really burnt, i mean like so badly that i have to use aloe vera stuff on the burns, which im hoping do not get infected. See this is why i hate having pale skin, which can't i go golden brown?!

Thanks for the comments all :) It was a lovely suprise to come back too from hols.

Much love and summer cuddles!

1.Have you donated to a homeless charity or person?
2. Hows the weather?
3. Cat or dog?

P.S- If you want to nosy at my holiday snaps, i have uploaded them to facebook. So if your a member just search for Nichola Isherwood and you should find me and my photos lol!

Holidaying it up the English way...
Jun 14, 2009 // 12:50 PM
God today has been interesting, not fun in one little bit, but interesting at best. Let me fill you in... Today is the day before i am going away on holiday with my parents and sister to all that is wonderful Spain. So our to do list this morning was quite simply;
  1. All go shopping getting last bits of summer things
  2. Get back for 1pm and me and Dad drop off the cats to the cattery for 3pm
  3. Me and Dad to get back at 4pm
  4. All pack suitcases
  5. Have dinner
  6. Chillax!
Sounds quite simple, right? Heres how it really went;
  1. All go shopping, Me and Flick go one way, Mum and Dad go the other. We end up meeting in a cafe for lunch, and get back for 1pm. [Its all going to plan so far!]
  2. Me and Dad go on our merry little way to the Cattery: having to go through little villages. with Cassie slovering [constraphobic cat], Jessie sleeping [The good cat!] and Sussie meowing her head off, which in turn sets off cassie[Annoying cat]. Get to the cattery, we spy a note on the door which says 'Sorry, Had to go out. Please ring ***. Thanks.' One tiny weeny problem with that... neither of us bought a phone with us. I mean who would need a phone driving 45mins away to drop off Cats?! So we had to find a cash machine, then find a pay phone, in one of these little villages, which lacked in car parking zones! Hello Double yellow lines :) Then when we used the pay phone, it went straight to voicemail...Yay. So we drove back to Chesterfield. 10 minutes later, the Cattery lady calls, saying she will meet us to collect the cats. So we only had to drive 30 Minutes away instead of going through all the sunday 5pm traffic :)
  3. I stayed at home to pack, Flick and Dad went to drop the cats off. Were back at 5pm.
  4. Had food.
  5. Have a shower. Get totally stressed out about something so tiny- Injuring my foot with a blister, so that i cannot walk on it and hence having to throw away Topshop shoes i bought a month ago, which cost me alot. And lots of other simple stupid petty things, especially when someone kept asking 'Your foot isnt injured, Why do you keep being silly and pretending its hurt, god you can walk on it!' So i reply with alot of shouting and i cannot even remember what was said.
So im in my room, really stressed out, and mother comes in suggesting i have hormone problems, which makes me prone to crying over the smallest things (foot injury caused by shoes). Which i can totally understand, but i don't want to be labeled in my family, the Daughter that has issues, the one that isnt her best, the one that has lost her control. It just makes me scared, that i am not ever going to be in control of my feelings. Instead tablets will, or if i do not start taking tablets, then this problem will persist and i don't want that to happen.

Anyway, i just wanted somewhere to rant, im just so glad i have the privacy away from my parents, my sister and just everyone and i can say what i like, without being judged, or it being put down to being emotional, or just feeling stupid. Though this blog can be viewed by everyone, i keep it from my friends and family, so im confiding you, the 'Stranger' (?) The one who cannot cast judgement from their internet, the one who could offer support with written words rather than talk, the one who i have nothing to live up to or please in any way.

So because i am on holiday for a week tomorrow, i will not be updating for a week or so. Im sorry i have been very ranty, sad and not my usual churpy self. But i promise lots of photos, giggles and most importantly a much happier me, when i return :)

So i shall leave with 10 questions, since i am gone for a while!

1.What is your all time fave book?
2. Twitter or Facebook?
3.What is the weather like where you are?
4 Have you head Pixie Lotts new song- and do you like it?
5. What are you craving right this second?
6. What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you this year?
7. Any pets?
8. Who did/want to vote for in the EU Parliment elections?
9. Big brother. Love it or Hate it?
10. Marmite. Love it or hate it?

Right, my lovelys i am off to sleep, since i have to get up at 5am!

Much love and holiday kisses!

First year done!
Jun 9, 2009 // 1:10 PM
Finally can't believe i have finnished my first year of university, i had my first and last exam of the year at 9:15am (strange time) on law and government. The questions were relativly easy;
  1. The EU and decision making
  2. Tribunals relating to public health
  3. Difference between civil and criminal law
  4. Evidence in courts
  5. and something else i really cannot remember!
We had to answer three out of the five within 3 hours. Which was relativly easy, apart from one minor detail. The fire alarm went off within an hour of the exam, so the examiner person had to evacuate us all from the building which meant we were able to chat to each other about the exam... so we thought the exam may be revoked, and instead have the exam on a later date because we were outside for at least 15 minutes, so in that time we could have rang someone to google answers, look at out notes (some of us took our bags, which included their notes) and confere with other students about answers. But the examiner really couldn't be bothered to do anything and instead told us to carry on with the exam and gave us an extra 15 minutes, due to loosing trails of thoughts etc.1
Apart from that i believe the exam went well! The whole class (Which is 15 people- very tiny compared to the 100+ in most other courses) went out for a well deserved and needed drink at the student pub, which was about 11:30am and i shared a bottle of rose' with Laura and Emily, whilst the rest had beer etc. Around 2pmish we finished in the pub and ended up going to a bar/ restarunt called BlueBells- its just been re-done up, and i must admit it looks really swanky and sleek, i would advise if you ever come to Nottingham, go to BlueBells-you will not be disapointed :D
Anyway in BlueBells my friend, Emily who by now has had about 3 glasses of wine and other alcoholic beverages, ordered more wine... Ended up getting very tipsy and shouting the most random things such as "Can we go to the Slug & Lettice...i neeed to pisss!" [Slug & Lettice is a restarunt oposite bluebells] "I don't like these toilets, i want the disabled toilets" and this was in front of the waitress in a quite empty bar area since it was 3pm. Oh dear she was funny. Oh and then she asked for a job, very loudly!

Also i have found that i have passed 2 modules so far i have a mark of 59% which is a 2:2 so im hoping my other modules will boost it up towards the 60%'s so i can get a 2:1 for my first year. But this year doesnt really matter as the marks do not go towards the final mark for the course. Its next year when i really need to hit to books hard!

I will be going back home on Friday afternoon :( Im going to miss everyone in Notts! But next year should be amazing fun, since my sister is coming here next year, but she is at another campus 15 minutes away on the bus. Im thinking there is going to be loads of drunken weekends with Flick- she is a very good party girl. Im glad i have a sister such as her, she gave me a good luck card.....

Isnt it the cutest thing you have ever seen! Its all furry and everything!

Ok, i dont know about you but im tired of my design for this blog, im also thinking of making the blog back into what i loved doing ages ago before university- making a new website instead of just a blog, which means me revising coding websites again :S since i have not written my own codes etc for a while! So heres my plan (this may not..ok scrap that probably will not be used as a real plan knowing me! But at least i have it down for future reference and so you guys have a vauge idea of whats "occuring" hehe we love a bit of Gavin and stacy talk :D)
  1. 12th Friday- Home
  2. 15th Monday- HOLIDAY!!
  3. 22nd Monday- Back to Englands skanky weather
  4. 24th Wednesday- Attempting to make new layout
  5. 26th Friday- Get a website name and start compiling a basis for website
and thats it so far! May i point out at this point, i still need to track down photoshop when i return home, since i do not have it on this laptop, so i may need to bribe my sister to find it, in her clutter of a room!

Anyway guys, im off to go sleep, ive had a very sugary, alcohol induced day. But i might just go watch the O.C before i go to sleep :D Ive only just started watching it- my sister has lent me her box set of season 1, and im hooked already!

1. Have you seen Gavin and Stacey?
2. O.C?
3. Also add me on twitter :D xxx

Much love and hugs around my lovelys!

Sun, sea and revision
Jun 3, 2009 // 2:39 PM
Well im sat here in my room, listening to Plain white T's (God i wish they would play in the Uk this year!) and im officially in love with Robert Pattinson. I mean has anyone seen the New Moon photos released where he strips of?!...Well i have, and he is Hot hot hot!!

Anyway onto more pressing matters... SCARBOROUGH!
Scarborough was excellent, just what i needed to relax and have a bit of fun :)
James met me at the station and we had a bit of a catch up on the train, since i have not seen him in 6 months, since we split up (We both decided not to take our relationship any further, since we are both at uni and do not seem to see each other much). I thought it was going to be quite arkward seeing each other again, but everything seemed hunky-dory.
We got to Scarborough at 1:30ish and Dani collected us and took us up to her halls of residence. Which is basically a converted guest house near the beach, but everything is falling apart- i won't go into details but i personally wanted to walk straight out when i saw inside- think wallpaper falling off the walls, seats without arms, floors with bits missing, not a pretty or safe place to be frank! But we didnt spend that much time in her halls.

We went out on the beach since it was going to be sunny all weekend, had fish and chips for tea, and i saw the cutest bunch of donkeys, in fact i have photos but they are on facebook (Add me if you want, just search Nichola Isherwood, or add me on twitter ). Then we went out to see Scarboroughs night life, and it certinly got me quite drunk- drank too many shots, tripples and god knows what! And ended up kissing two of Dani's friends... in front of James... whoops! He wasnt happy and was didnt talk to me as much on the train back :S
But im my defence, i am not that bad! I am when not drunk the nicest person you would ever meet, and i am a lightweight, so obviosly im going to get pissed and do things i don't normally do. But hey thats student life. He will just have to deal with it!

Also i got sunburt! But its gone into a nice tan now, for once.

So now my diary is full of REVISION, REVISION, REVISION!!! And nothing else, untill next Tuesday when i am freeeeeeeee! Back home the Friday after, and then going on holiday for a week on Monday to Spain :D Can't wait!!

1.What do you suggest i should do with my 4 months of freedom of no uni?
2. Are you addicted to Twilight?
3. What are you listening to?

Much love and peace,

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