Bye or hello
Sep 16, 2009 // 11:44 AM
My landlady is super annoying, if you are following me on Twitter (@nichola09) or a freind on Facebook, you will allready know i was supose to move in today (16th September) as my contract starts and i rang my landlady asking when i move in and she told me the 16th September.

So a week ago i call her again to arange my moving in day:
Me:"Hi, its nichola"
LL: Hello Nichola how can i help you?
Me:Can i just confirm that i move in on the 16th September?
LL: Yes the Thursday, 16th September, what time will you be moving in at?
Me: [Slightly confused as i thought 16th was wednesday, but thought hey maybe im wrong!] Ok then is it ok if i arrange to move in at 1pm?

So when the convo ends i look at my calander just to check its the Thursday. Of course i find that its the Wednesday, so i call again just so she knows she has the day wrong and wont turn up on the wrong day.
Basically i ring up, and she tells me she thought the 16th was Thursday, they are still re-doing the plumbing/re-decorating and the radiators are not even in, and will not be ready untill that Thursday, because she thought the contract starts on thursday.
I had already asked my dad to take me on the wednesday, so he had to change his meetings around so he can take me on Thursday instead (tomorrow). What a load of hoo-haa!

Anyway i move in tomorrow, (finally) but there isnt an internet connection put in yet, so i will not be able to blog for about 3-5 days :'( So the next time i blog i will be back at uni in notts with my new flatmates!

Chat to you all soon! Nic xxx

P.S- Does anyone know any good internet providers?

Photo post :D
Sep 10, 2009 // 11:29 AM
After my rant in my previous post about my dead phone, my mum had the idea of ringing up the insurance people and asking if they could get it fixed on the insurance instead of a market stall buisness in chesterfield that might/might not be able to fix it. The insurance people said yes but it will cost £25, because its the first time we are using the phone insurance, and that they will defo be able to fix it :) Whoohooo!
But i will have to use my dads old phone, which is obviosly annoying because its a boys phone :( Why cant i just magic a new iphone or a blackberry up, is that so much to ask for?

Anywho, i took a few photos this week, so volia....

Yes you are not seeing things. Cassie was asleep in a pink hoodie, she was totally cacooned, like a catipilar, twas rather cute!

Hah, i think these cats might go for me soon! Sussie (black cat) was at the end of my sisters bed, whilst Cassie was at the top taking up all the room. So Sussie looked rather pissed of, but im still unsure if shes annoyed at me for shoving a camera in her face, or at Cassie for taking up all the room!

And lastly, the most funniest photo i have ever taken! Jessie fell asleep between both my jewlery boxes (yes i have waaay to much!) on my windowsill. I was scared that she might roll over, which she mostly does when she wakes up and streches, and then fall off! But she slept there for about 3 hours. Very, very, very strange cat!

Ok thats enough cat related photos :) I think i need to take photos other than cats, but dont you worry! I shall be back at uni next week (so excited!) so i shall grace you with many different photos next week, especially of my new flat!

Phone you must die (oh wait you allready did!)
Sep 8, 2009 // 12:10 PM
So with only 8 days till i return back to University, i went down to the phone repair shop (My phone display light has gone, and can only see the screen in total darkness). So i showed them the phone and told them that T-mobile said the phone got condensation in the battery or something, which has broken the phone, and will not give me a new one (even though im on contract untill January). So the phone repair shop basically said: It will cost £25 and even then they might not be able to fix it.

Just fucking great!

So now im stuck with a shitty phone untill January. I will be getting an iphone in january, when my contract ends, but i don't know what im going to do with this phone now.

Gah! So annoyed today.

In other news, i bough everything i need for university now (finally). It took 4 hours, but i did it!

How is everyone else today?

(I apologise for swearing and a ranting/ raving blog, ive just had a shit day)

Yay i win!
Sep 5, 2009 // 3:21 AM
*Does the happy dance* Guess what i got in the post yesterday, oh was it maybe £25 from student accomodation people, prehaps? Oh yes it certinly was! Basically if anyone didnt know, about a week ago i recieved a letter from NTU accomodation people saying that i 'removed' two bird guards from the windows and have to pay £25 for the cost of them. When i moved into the flat i didn't recieve an 'inventory form' which the other flatmates did (this was probably because i moved in pretty late in the year). So when i saw one bird guard outside my window, and no other bird guards on the other two windows i thought nothing of it, i didnt even realise there was supose to be three!

So there has been alot of emails send to and from the accomodation people, for your benifit and giggles here you go :) ....

Hi my name is Nichola Isherwood , i was in ###### room ###.
I have recieved my deposit form back this morning, and have been charged £24 for 2 missing bird guards from the window sills. When i moved into the flat they were allready missing.

I have checked our records and you did not return a room inventory form at the start of the agreement. All maintenance and repairs are carried out before you arrive so there were in place at the start of the agreement.
When i moved into the flat, i did not recieve an inventory, i dont know if this was because i moved in from January. I have also spoken to my parents who have both agreed i did not recieve the inventory. I was not aware that was supose to be three bird guards. I would not, and am not strong enough to remove two bird guards, i would not vandalise a flat like that, i am respectful of other peoples property, many of the items i have been charged for, i did not do, but can appreciate that the cost of these would have to be divided between all residents. I am not happy to pay for something i know i did not do, if i had an inventory form, i would have known straight away that the bird guards were missing, but as i have said earlier, i did not recieve one.

Then two days later i get a letter from NTU accomodation stating i will recieve my money back :)

Nichola-1: NTU- 0

Sep 3, 2009 // 12:42 PM
Hah, im so blonde sometimes, i thought i moved into my new flat on the 15th. Today i was chatting to my flatmate i will be living with, and i mentioned i will be moving in on the 15th, she said "Wait, i thought it was the 16th we move?!" So i had to check my contract, and then realised i move in on the 16th (wednesday) instead of the 15th. Ahahaha, Epic fail!

We have also been chatting about internet broadband connections to get installed into the flat, i thought that Bev (landlady) told us that there is allready a broadband contract, and it will cost £5 a month each. According to my flatmate, Bev told her nothing of this. So im not sure if im wrong and we need to start looking for internet connections and prices, but then even if i did find a suitable one, i would not be able to buy it untill everyone in the flat (we have 5 people including me) moves in and agrees. So im slightly scared that i will be going without an internet connection for a while when i get to uni. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the internet connected?

The flatmate who i have been chatting to has told me she has tried calling Bev since Monday, but her phone is turned off, which means she is on holiday (i hope), my mum and sister have been teasing me saying its a scam. But she has the keys to about 5 flats we looked in, and i have paid £500 so far for the deposit and to keep it over summer holls. Now im being paranoid!

Ok im going to stop scaring myself silly and watch benifit busters :D

The O.C :'(
Sep 1, 2009 // 12:36 PM
Well ive just finnished watching theend of season 3 of the O.C, and my, my, my, what a sad episode it was! Though i wont go into details just incase someone does not want the spoilers lol, but yes it was super sad and the song- Hallaluja (omg how do you spell it?!) playing in the background made it so, so sad :'(

Today i have sorted out my 'What i need for university' list, which goes something like;
Most of the essential items for uni, i allready have from last year, but the ones on this list were either: too dirty, lost or did not have last year. So i dont have that much to buy this year thank god! Just a trip to Dunnel Mill i think to get it all :)

Flick tagged me yesterday to do 10 Random Facts! So without further ado...

1. I have a twin (that you know) but were non-identical, so we pretend were not related or cousins when we meet new people- its so very funny!
2. My small toe lies over the toe next to it, due to an operation when i was born, so every time i shop for shoes it has to pass the "toe popping test"- basically to see if when i walk my little toe pops out of the shoe! I spend ages looking for non-toe popping shoes!
3. I never go brown whilst on holiday, i only go red.
4. I have failed my driving test 4 times allready. Im a good driver, but my nerves make my legs shake when im using the clutch (manual car) so i either shoot forward or i stall, which in turn makes me fail!
5. I have a phobia of spiders, even the tiny mini ones
6. I had my ipod touch stolen and miss it every day!
7.My fave food is sushi as from last year!
8. I love anything about sci-fi but i dont like star wars for some reason since thats the back bone of sci-fi!
9.My fave chocolate is Minstrels- give me a packet and im your BFFL!
10.Im obsessed with anything to do with lost!

I tag all of you to do this :)

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