Happy Christmas to all!
Dec 27, 2009 // 7:41 AM
I hope you have all been good girls and boys because Santa came a couple of days ago (which I'm sure you all know), i must have been very good all year because there was no coal in sight. Though what i did receive was simply lovely. In fact i am going to list all i received just to make you all jealous :)

Im saving the best till last: my wonderful sister suprised me with a card and perfume. I opened the card and guess what amazingly, wonderful pressie i saw! A lady Gaga ticket!!!!!!!!!!
Helll yes guys, i am gonig to see her in March 2010, i bet she will be amazing live, we have really good seats too apprently, because she got the tickets the day they went on sale.

My brother and his wife, Nuala came down for xmas too, so it was really nice to see them, and they drove my Auntie Jean down (she cant drive) to ours too. But my grandad decided that it was going to 'snow' again really badly, so didnt come down :( veeeeery sad because he has been down every xmas since i can remember!

How was your Christmas?

Stroke that popcorn!
Dec 11, 2009 // 11:52 AM
Music on loud? Check. Most recent edition of Cosmo Mag? Check. Big bowl of Popcorn? Check. My night in a tea-cup! (Haha, tea-cup, i was supose to write nutshell, but i seem to have wrote tea-cup... its staying) I am basically having one of those 'Flatties have either gone home/ out/ havent the foggiest of whereabouts', though im sure Victoria said she was at dance till late, I know Emma went home for the weekend earlier today, as did Amy, and i havent the foggiest where Nicky is. So its me on my lonesome.
Though i do like those days where you just want the house to yourself, though today is not one of them.... it all too quite!

Yesterday i went to a party at a bar called Moog- thought it did take us 20 mins to locate it (we used my iphone google map in the end). Anyway, when we finally got there, my friend (Phil) band was playing, and i must tell you something before i say anything else- his other bandmate (and flatmate) is in his band to called Andy. Me and Andy have gone out on a date before and hit it off quite well, but we have'nt told Phil because it might be awkward. Soooo.... when i get there Andy comes over and says hi and we strike up convo as you do. Phil was in his depressed mood (as per) and hugging me every five seconds (ok maybe not that frequently!), when they had finished their gig, Andy did not once come over to chat or say hi, he did wave and nod in my direction ever once in a while, i don't know if i have done anything wrong that night? Or from our last drink we had together?

So now im stuck in my house, without flatmates, but a big bowl of popcorn and The storke on full blast is making me feel soooo much better :)

Ohhh, also i went xmassy shopping and bought so many nice pressies for my mum/dad/brother/His wife/ Sister. I was really happy when i saw Boots were having a 3 for 2 offer on Soap & Glory stuff. So i bought some of them for the girlies! I will post after xmas what i have bought everyone just incase my sister looks at this post haha. Felicity you pressie is simply awesome!

Does anyone shop in vintage stores such as COW (there is one in Nottingham and Manchester), as i was in one today browsing, but the shop assistants, god i always feel like im being judged going in there as if they are thinking "ohh, what is she doing in here? She doesn't look like the right person to shop here", does anyone else think that when you enter vintage/expensive shops? Or am i just being self-concious?

Much love and misiltoe kisses (i love those choccies!)
Nic xxx

This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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