The weekend in Scarborough
Apr 26, 2010 // 12:44 PM

I went to Scarborough on Friday for the weekend to visit my friend who goes to University there and oh boy did i have fun! Basically we started the antics on Friday, where my freind decided making a cocktail that was 75% alcohol and the rest juice was an excellant idea! Within 1 hour she was seriously drunk- drunk enough to spill a bottle of purple nail varnish onto the cream carpet and then say the most randomest things.

We then went to a couple of bars, then by midnight we were all totally drunk, so decided a visit to maccy-Ds would be best so we can sort of sober up with chip and nuggets!

Flick (right) and my freinds flatmate in mcdonalds

Saturday: We went crab fishing, played in the arcades- and i decided i fail epically at any dance machines, seriously two left feet here *points to feet*, we went on a speedboat too, jeepers do they go fast, i was thinking "dont crash, dont crash, dont crash". Anyway i think i will let the photos do the talking...

Me failing at the dance machine against Mike.

Squid we used as bate for crab fishing- poor thing!

More spending than working
Apr 18, 2010 // 9:23 AM
I'm sure if any of you are following me on twitter (if not @nichola09), your more than likely to know that i had a huge lab report to finish by Friday. It was 3 10-13 paged lab reports but collated together to make a huge 30-40 page report (i think this has got the be the longest thing i have wrote this year, surely).
Anyway by Wednesday(?) I got seriously bored of staying inside since Monday afternoon, as my Tuesday & Wednesday lecture was canceled, so at 3pm i decided to take a 'walk' into town and just window shop, and just get some much needed fresh air.

However this did not go plan... for one i ended up in Boots, don't ask how this happened, even I'm slightly confused of how i ended up on Boots and then near the Barry M counter picking up some dazzle dust. I ended up buying Block Blue (92), its really pretty on. And its not just a solid color, as when i first put it on it has different layers of colours that blend well together. Definetly a good purchase for £4.50 :)

Then i drifted off to the Revlon counter, though i don't feel too bad about this purchase because i really needed a new foundation, and i have heard some good reviews for this foundation. Its called Revlon Photoready and i bought 003, which is a pale color. Most foundations i have used in that past never got close to my skin-tone, but this on fits so perfectly, so I'm sticking with this foundation forever (hopefully haha)! It is quite expensive at £13 (Apx) but Boots were selling it at £9.99 :) Yaaaay for money off amazing products!

I also found myself browsing the isles in Zara, but i only bought a flowery top for £10, which i think is quite good for me. tehe...

Oh and i did end up finishing the assignment on time, in fact i had time to spare. See this shopping trip was muchly needed, money well spent i think...

A new look
Apr 11, 2010 // 9:25 AM
I decided to make a new layout, i hope you like it. Though please keep in mind i have no photoshop/any other photo editing program since i deleted half of my programs yesterday (i shall explain later). So in this case i used Paint, the trusty little thing!

The reason why i deleted photoshop yesterday and half of my programs? Well my laptop decided to be attacked by spyware, the worst kind i have ever had.
Its called Vista Antispyware 2010, and basically;

Vista Antispyware 2010 also known as Vista Antivirus 2010, Vista Guardian, Vista Antivirus Pro and Vista Internet Security 2010 is a rogue antispyware program that reports false infections and shows numerous fake security alerts as an attempt to trick you into buying the software. This program is installed through the use of trojans. When the trojan is started, it will download and install Vista Antispyware 2010 (Vista Antivirus 2010 or Vista Guardian) onto your computer.
It also decided to disable all .exe files, meaning i could not access the internet. I ended up having to use my iphone just to find out how to get rid of the spyware. It ended up taking me 3 hours, i had to type out on Notepad a script (.reg file) which allowed me access online.
Then i was able to download Spyware doctor, which within 5 minutes found the spyware (and 5 other spywares!!!) and deleted it basically. But i need to pay £35 to keep the anti-spyware program. Do you think i should pay £35, or do you know any good free anti-virus/spyware programs (Apart from AVG, which is rubish as it did not detect any spyware at all).

This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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