cashing in (or not in my case)
Jul 28, 2009 // 11:45 AM
Well i have very good news and then i have to not so good news... which would you like to hear first?

Hmm well i start with the feeling happy :)
Good news: My dads buisness of a line of turntables has been officially reviewed by the leading Hi-Fi magazine called Hi-Fi World, and it gained 5 stars.
Here are some snippits of the review:

"This turntable deserves a premium position on your audition list"

"The Eclipse is a beautifully balanced preformer from head to toe"

"Simply suberbly designed and built"

Ohh and....

Hehe we all went out for a celebratory meal yesterday. We are just waiting for the magazine to officially go out into the shops on the 1st August and then the money will come rolling in :) My dad subscribes to the online magazine so we could view it before it was released.

Bad news: Im broke, jobless, its raining and im boooored! Though i am getting so much reading done it is untrue. I bought a couple of books from amazon yesterday:
Though i do have to wait untill 3rd August, well according to amazon. This probably means it will come on the 10th August :(

Hurry up 15th September i want my house please! (When my uni house contract starts)

Much love and Lonely cuddles!

Passing 1st year of uni!
Jul 14, 2009 // 2:43 AM
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Is my thoughts Tuesday morning when i checked my results online for my first year of university. Sleeply padding downstairs i made a cuppa' tea and then realised university results are up today.
So i steal my sisters laptop, and load on the internet... why do laptops tend to take an age loading programs when you really need them! So when the laptop decides to play nicely, i log onto my uni account, click onto view results and shock horror!

**I passed!**

So happy! I even got a 2:1 for law! Which i tend to suck at, but i did revise 3 weeks before the exam, so im happy it payed off!

Yesterday i went to celebrate with Dani, Sue and Jon. They are live in Buxton (where i use to live last year) and so we all decided to meet up in Stockport to watch the new Harry potter film- Amazing! And Draco is super hot! Though the huge spider is super scary, but it amused my friends, when i was hideing behind my jacket when the spider came on ^-^
I couldnt believe how long the film was, it started at 10:30 (trailers etc included) and it ended at 1pm! 2 hours 30 mins for a film! But it was a good 2 hours well spend. If i was to rate it i would give it 4/5 only because it left out some good bits of the book.

Still searching for a job, unfortunatly the only jobs i can find are either managerial jobs, cleaner for a house, and thats about it- really not good, i may have to sell my body to science soon lol.
The only sorta job i have been given, is a secretary job for my dads Turntable buisness. He has his own line of turntables, and has just started getting reviews from magazines such as hi-fi world, ive been helping with the adverts, designing manuals, sorting out his VAT, very boring stuff lol, would much rather be working with Flick (Sister) at her work (River Island).

Ok lovelies! Im going to enrol for next year of uni now :D
Lots of love and hugs!

1. Have any great sucesses this year, or achievements?
2. Seen harry potter yet? Thoughts?

The heavens open!
Jul 8, 2009 // 11:28 AM
Wow- The only word to describe the weather this week. It has constantly been raining non stop the entire week, the other day i was in the kitchen chatting to my mum, it was bucketing it down and we could hear the rain bouncing down on the windows, then all of a sudden lightening struck with a bout of thunder right above us, then the floor started shaking! I screamed and them mother started laughing at me. Thanks mum! I didn't know that lightning could shake the ground, learn something new each day eh?

On the same subject, have you heard Artic Monkeys new single called crying lightning. If you haven't then i suggest you go youtube it :) Its not like their previous songs, its a bit more mature from what they have done, but i still love it! In fact i think it is their best song to date.

My sister who is coming to my uni next year (whooo!) found that La Rou- by far the best artist around at the mo, is playing at Rock city in November- a club 5 mins away from my house next year. And has suggested we should get tickets. So im totally excited about getting back to uni in October. Since we will be seeing La Roux in November, then in December its James Morrison with a support act of OneRepublic :D Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Haha im slightly obsessed with my music, only slightly honest(!)...

I escaped the bad weather yesterday with a shopping trip to Nottingham with Flick. Mainly for the topshop and Ark sales! I bought 2 tops both from topshop:
Ugh, i could only find this one on their website, but the other top i bought i have seen someone on Hollyoaks wear, so i thought ohh i may as well try it on :) and it looks rather nice even if i say so myself :) I am now in the middle of looking on Urbanoufitters, ASOS and topshops online sale, just to see if i can find any more bargins. However i have a tendency to stay to the non sale items, and looking at gorgous items such as:

Crikey thats a friging long link!

Since the weather has been rubbish i have been unable to venture out to the library to cure the summer boredom of waiting for uni to restart. Yes, ok i could go out to the library, but that would mean a very wet, angry and cold Nichola, Which does not bode well for anyone. But today i woke up and found there to be no rain or angry looking clouds (Yay!) so i tootled of to the library and came back with 8 books :D That should keep me going for a few weeks. There are mostly pre-uni reading material.

So thats basically been my last past few days or uni summer :)
Hope all your summers are warm, fun and happy!

1.Have any reading material for school/uni anything?
2. Been to any sales yet?
3. Rain or sun?

Much love and rainy hugs

p.s- anyone been watching Torchwood?! Im so happy its back on :D WE ARE COMING!!

This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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