Weekend antics
Jan 24, 2010 // 7:26 AM
Its the weekend, which means no Uni lectures to attend or work to do (can't believe i finished all my assignments). My flatmates have all gone home for the weekend, apart from one. So i decided out of pure boredom to go shopping.....

Now if you know me, i love going shopping on my own: i can go in any shops i like, i can spend as long as i like browsing, and i dont have to listen to someone saying 'no i dont like that' when i try on something, when all i want to say is 'I like this, now piss off' but can't so i have to say 'Yeah...me too, it horrible...'. I asked my flatmate if she wanted to come shopping with me, but she declined saying she had too much work to do. So it was just me :)

So i walked down to the uni library, returned some book (model student arnt i) and then tootled down to the town centre. I end up buying my flatmates birthday pressies- her birthday is this Monday. I bought her; Magnetic ladybirds (Inside joke), Student tin can money box (She is always going on about being in debt), Mug with hot choc sachet & marshmellows, Scarf, necklace. And a card of course :)

Next stop Primark! And guess what i see outside...

A man playing the violin whilst walking on a rope!? How freeking random is that? And he was rather an amazing violin player too.

So after seeing that, i decided to go to my haven: H&M- i found 2 tops i liked but decided on my green tunic top. It is so warm and cosy- definetly an item for this horrible permenant cold winter weather!

If you would like to see it in all its glory being modeled by yours truely on Lookbook Click here , hey you can even hype if you like, since im classed as a Noob on Lookbook and have zilch hype :( sad times! I must say a huge thank-you to Nicola
for inviting me to Lookbook.

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John Mayer dont gooooo!
Jan 21, 2010 // 11:48 AM
Guess who decided to get ill this week? Every winter i get ill with colds at least twice (last year i was ill before Christmas break with a cold). So i was suprised when Christmas came and i hadnt even had a tingle of a cold or even a sneeze! So the week i get back to uni, my flatmate decides to get a cold and pass the virus onto me- thanks!
Ive been coughing a gazillion times a day (ok maybe not that much...), sniffling, fevers- haha i can remember i was at home for the weekend when i started getting feverish, and i woke up from having a scary dream (think plane crash with all your loved ones scary) and ran into my parents room saying 'is everyone ok?'. I obviously thought that my dream was real, but gosh was that night scary, i know every nightmare i may have in the future will definelty be about plane crashes. Yuck!
But i am getting better :) I went to the doctors yesterday and they gave me some antibiotics, and increased my inhaler dosage because i was finding it hard to sleep with feeling like i was going to have an ashma attack any second.

Also i bought some John Mayer (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!) tickets for London in May, and they are pretty good seats as i got them on pre-sale on the day! So i rang up my sister who said she would go with me, who then decided to inform me that she has an exam on that date from 3-5pm. It takes 2 hours to get to london from Nottingham and thats even before getting from the Clifton campus to the train station! Then we would have to check into the hotel, put away our stuff and then find where the stadium is at. So so so annoyed- University ruins everything :(
So i have two tickets to either sell (Apparently they go for £150 on ebay) or just get my money back- i have 10 days to decide haha.

When it snows it rains!
Jan 10, 2010 // 6:13 AM
Let me start this blog post by saying this little guy has saved me from freezing over yesterday!
Heres why.....

If your following me on Twitter you will know i have returned to my university flat to find a few nice welcome home pressies... No we do not have rats. We instead had (thank-god thats in past tense!) no bathroom light working- which meant i had to plug in my lamp into the hallway plug socket and then put the lamp inside the bathroom, which gave it some light but not loads, so i had panda eyes in the morning- not good! And my main light was not working in my room, which is odd because i changed my build before i left for home, but luckly my parents had packed some spare light-bulbs in my suitcase's, so i tried both lightbulbs (both brand new in a box) and neither of them would shine a light into my dark room :(
So i decide to call my landlady to tell her i think my light's wires might be broken, and she tells me she will come round tomorrow to see what the problem is with both my light and the bathroom as im right next door to the bathroom, so she thought it was linked. Oh boy was she right!...

The next worning i wake up and take a shower, then i go downstairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast, only to find that the whole of the kitchen floor is flooded, the kitchen sides are sodden wet and water is dripping down onto the floor. So i look up towards where i can hear some dripping sounds, to find part of the ceiling has damp and water is coming down from the damp spot. The kitchen is right below the bathroom and the damp spot is where the boiler is, so my first thought is that the bathroom is the source of the problem.

So my landlady gets another call from me to tell her the kitchen has decided to form into a swimming pool. So to cut long story short, the repair guy comes an hour later (yes an hour! It started snowing really heavy again!) and finds the boiler is leaking, and turns off the water. Which means the whole house gets freezing cold without the radiators working.

When he fixes the boiler, he cleans up the water in the kitchen :) and then thankfully my light decides to work and so does the bathroom light! Whhhhooooohooooo! So im thinking maybe the lights were ot working because of the leaky boiler?

So the story about the heater? My dad called me and told me to buy an electric heater for my room, because my radiator is not efficient enough and because of the boiler breaking he thought it best that i dont freeze to death :) I bought it from Argos for £23 its a tiny thing (size of a cat) but heats my room up in less than 5 mins to make it nice and cosy :)

Its all white!
Jan 6, 2010 // 9:46 AM
Don't you just love waking up to a huge blanket of snow ? I know i do, so it comes to no surprise that the who of the UK is coated in snow within minutes. The BBC news and other news channels have their main news story of snow: snow related travel, snow related school issues, snow related business problems, snow related money problems, and snow related home problems.
Now i know that everything has been disrupted, but come on people, this is a little over-reaction for snow. When i lived in Buxton 2 years ago we had snow every other day (ok maybe not that many times lol) and our travel plans were not disrupted, we went to school even with snow as bad as it is now, my dad has been out and about in his car without problems dropping off packages for his business, and were suppose to be one of the worst hit with snow (he came home yesterday and could not believe how many people were not on the roads lol). But maybe its just that we are use to it, and so don't see what the big deal is.

Though i do know of three furry little critters that have been having some fun in the snow- our three cats (Jessie, Cassie and Sussie). Jess has just this min came back inside after going out for a few seconds to do whatever she does and then came back in soaking wet, and very very very cold paws to run manically upstairs and jump onto my sisters newly made, white duvet, bed with muddy paws (god knows how she got mud on her paws with the amount of snow outside). And is now fast asleep, much to my sisters annoyance!
Cassie has taken the opportunity to sleep 24/7 unless she needs to go out to do her business or she wakes up to meow at someone for food, or for a cuddle.
Sussie is being stupid and keeps scratching to go out every hour, she is the silliest cat i have ever known!

Hope you are all having a nice snow related week and are not too cold :) And if your lucky enough to live somewhere hot, say hello to the sun for me, i do dearly miss it.

P.S: I am starting a new project which will be up by this weekend....

This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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