When uni life starts to go to shits
Nov 9, 2008 // 2:44 PM
Ok lack of blogging is due to my lazyness (so sorry :() and my life just about falling part in 2 weeks. Oh the fun fun fun of uni!
There is one event that have happened to make my uni life suffer, let me explain...

I have 8 people in my flat, all of whom are awesome! There is one girl who i am best freinds with (lets call her lisa), there is another guy who is best freinds with her(lets call him arron), who are both in my flat. So last week i was happily chatting away to Lisa in the shared kitchen about food, and the fact that i have no cooking skills, so im dependant on pasta, healthy option ready meals and chips and whatever! :)
So she was making some food, which was pasta. When i saw how much pasta she put in i was like omg youve put in a 3rd of the bag!? Which she had! She said "Oh yeah, i always put in loads of pasta, because i never put on much" which she doesnt as she is really thin! So then Arron comes in an makes something else, i go over and have a peek, and again joke about how much food people make, because i dont make that much for tea comapred to everyone else. So when Lisa goes out of the room he says "Your such a bitch, you come off so bitchy and you say silly stupid things" i was like omfg! So i just glared at him and said "Im not a bitch, and i sure as hell dont say silly things!" and walked out the room, because i was so angry. We were freinds the day before so i thought maybe he was in a stress?
Anyway, the next day i was in the kitchen yet again, trying to make a convocation with him, trying to build bridges from our disintergrating freindship. My convo was about the state of the kitchen- basically noone is cleaning up, and i cleaned up my stuff in the morning. So he responds with "i hate you"... ... ...
Yes ladies and gentlemen (or not so for one paticular guy) my flatmate hates me in one month!
m i really that bad? Well he thinks so because he then goes on to say...
"You don't clean up, you only eat ready meals pasta or fishfingers, you come across bitchy and you say silly stupid things"
Heres me astonished! "What the hell do you mean! I clean up, i cleaned up today achly just ask Lisa, she was there, so get your facts straight. I dont just eat ready meals or any of that crap, i eat variety of foods, not that you would know! eating stir fries every day! And i dont come across bitchy, or say silly things. You have been moody all week, and its ridiculous! " with that i began eating my ready meal! Haha, my only one that week because i just couldnt be bothered!

Gah ok i need to vent now, which will include bullet points :)

  1. Were students out lifestyle is readymeals, pasta, and whatever crap we want! My eating habbits is none of your buisness, in fact everything i do is none of your buisness unless it affects you, and im pretty sure what i eat doesnt go onto your flab!
  2. I have problems with cleaning, which im not going to tell you about, ive told lisa because she has the exact same thing! So judge noone without knowing them propely. So i do clean, if you just open your drugged up eyes!
  3. Im not bitchy, and im pretty sure that when you wrote tht hurtful spitefull comment on facebook, that was classed as bitchy.

So to end this wonderful week, i shall go :) But ill end it with happyness bullet points, because

  1. im going to amsterdam with my freind Lisa on thursday, which i cant wait for!
  2. My dad is buying me a new camera, ready for amsterdam :)
  3. My sister may be going to my uni next year, yay!
  4. Oh and i feel amazing, and no guy is ever going to make me feel fat, crap or a bitch ever again!

Much love and happyness to all :D



This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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