Haha! At uni!
Sep 28, 2008 // 11:59 AM
Yes its true! Ive offically got here! At the not so sunny Nottingham Trent!
Here is the days events:

Woke up at 8am, then nearly fell back to sleep because i was up half the night worrying about today! Then my mother told me we were going at 10ish to merry morries to get some food and other things which included:
Plasters, hangers (Flick stole mine!!!), lots of junk food including Minature heros and some grapes which were the healtiest of food i have bought today!

Then we went to the house, with the shopping. I had my suitcase in the car at this point and my father thought it would be a fun idea to put a huge massive box on my suitcase which i still hadnt put all of my clothes in! So it took us an extra 15mins to get the suitcase back out so i could put my clothes in!
I then began to get all my posters (One night only and the C'MON advert ones ^-^) rest of the kitchen stuff, tablets and other nik naks i own, including a cute turtle thingy that i got from Itally!
We then set off to nottingham which took us about 30 mins, and guess what the sat nav didnt get us lost! *Has mini party*
When i got there i thought the flat was deserted, until Roo (Ruth) came out from her room, and said hi, and helped me move in! Then my mum and dad went and i went like the niagra falls- ie- could not stop crying lol! But im ok now :)
Then i began to sort my room out, ran out of hangers so Roo had to lend me some lol, does this mean i own too many clothes!? Ive blue tacked pictures basically everywhere! My posters are stuck on my walls, minature heros wrappers littered all over my room (What?! there here to be eaten!).
What i am really annoyed about is my bathroom... I have like the tiniest shelf ever (piccies soon) for my bathroom stuff, ive had to put most of it in my wardrobe!
Ohh and someone else has just this minute moved in called Anne, or Anna i think?! Haha im so bad with names :S

Also im having a small tiny dilema, my BF sent me a message saying basically that he has met in his words "Some really fit girls"
OK BUT DONT TELL ME THAT! Ahh im f-ing fuming its unbelivable, im not even going to text hi or reply to his calls untill he apologises!!! What should i do about it?

Comments are welcome :) Oh and also could you tell me what you would suggest i buy tomorrow to make my room more homely and comfy, at the moment i have cusions on my list!

Much love
x x x

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End of an era, and a new beginning
Sep 20, 2008 // 12:48 PM
University life has just started for my sister Flick. She moved in on Thursday, with my teary eyed mother and my father trying to work out how to set up the Internet, the phone and the TV signal all at the same time, which was rather funny!
Her room looks so, hmm how can i say this... It looks so...Flick! That the only word to describe it, because her room no matter where she is, will always look the Flick way. Here is my dictionary definition:
Flick's room look- this is a style of utter organised chaos, only the owner, Flick knows where items are placed. To any normal person the room looks an absolute tip, but to people who know her or the person in question, the room is a organised filing system.

So today, we went over to her uni because it was freshers festival. It was so fun! There was rock climbing, those people who walk on stilts dressed as characters from fairy tales, a huge marquee that housed 3000+ students and family with stalls where the students got some information from. Oh and a BBQ, with yummy burgers!
Also Flick needed to get some card, which basically lets her be a full student! So were queuing up for at least half an hour with 10-15 people in front of us, and the bloody Que doesn't move AT ALL! So i go up to the front to see whats happening, and its utter chaos! All the cards were everywhere, folders with students names were at other ends of the table, rather than the students just saying their name and getting their card, they had to be ticked off a list, that took 10 minutes to locate! Anyway to end this story short they lost Flicks card, then after me complaining (as i do when i ended up queuing for 1 hour and 30 Min's!!!) to the guy about the system they have not working and it being ridiculous, they found the card!

Phew that's my rant over! Think happy thoughts Nichola!

OK and some more bad news I'm afraid :( My guinea- pig was very very old, and its sister died at least 4 months ago. So yesterday my dad was at the house and checked on the guinea pig (Millie), she was sat in a corner, she couldn't move to get water or food, so my dad had to feed her for a while so she wasn't dehydrated or hungry. The next day mum and dad took Millie to the vets. They said that her heart wasn't beating very fast and basically has hours to live :'( So we ended up having to let her go by putting her down :''( So i was extremely sad that day.

But on a lighter note, I'M GETTING THE WHOLE GRANT FOR UNI!!! (Well hopefully anyway, as my dad isn't working anymore due to retirement, so he wont be getting a whole chunk of money as he use to!) Even though my dad will be earning lots of money through a turntable business :) super happiness time 10!!!

x x x

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Utter Chaos!
Sep 16, 2008 // 12:59 PM
EDIT: I have updated my layout, i made this Rihanna layouts about a month ago, forgot about it then found it yesterday :) Do you like muchly?

Those are the words my dad has used soo many times today to describe my sister and how unorganised she is. She is going to uni on Thursday, yet she seems to be saying "Oh, ill get it tomorrow" on almost anything she need. For example going shopping today with her, she needed kitchen knifes, we go into M & S, and she thinks there expensive, so says "oh ill get them tomorrow when i have more time" i was just about to make use of one of those knifes when she said that!

Also she still hasn't even packed anything, at all! Me and my mother had to tell her that she needs to sort out her clothes, so now my room looks like a bombs hit it (Our house is being redecorated, have no water, so we live in an apartment for a while until its done), theres shopping bags littered all over the floor, boxes with toiletries handing out of the sides, clothes flung over my bed, or what use to resemble a bed. Oh and that only took her 30 minutes to do, so god knows what the apartment will resemble tomorrow!

I need some freaking sanity pills ASAP!!! Or at least a big bar of choccie :)

Anyway, as i said in yesterdays post i will upload those piccies!

This is the little cutie pie, that my dad shoved in the shopping trolley, Isn't he cute?!

And this is all my uni stuff :D Please ignore the messy bedroom, as i said before its my sisters fault! Urm OK lets see what i have... That blue thing on the left is my bathroom rug, just behind it is the sheep piggy bank :D, above that it my new blanket, because i get very cold lol, my cheese grater is the next item, shortly followed by the cheapest mugs available in chesterfield! But it looks ok, and that's all i care about! And my bin you probably can't see is pink! My mum bought me that picture frame, and were getting the photo developed for it tomorrow, it will be me, flick, mother and father :) and lastly is the chopping board.

Also another crappy thing happened today! I cut all of my right hand this morning whilst washing up after brekkie, I blame my mum, all because she bought some cheap mugs. Basically i was washing this one cup, and holding onto the handle whilst washing it, it snapped off. Slashed my thumb, and shades of what ever the crappy mug was made of pricked my hand. Blood was all over my thumb, i screamed curse words, mother came in asked whats wrong and saw my hand, and offered no sympathy! Then flick laughed at me. Nice lol!
Its not that bad now, just a throbbing thumb!

Oh what an eventful day, I'm sat down now with a cuppa tea, watching the secret millionaire= bliss!

Comments appreciated
x x x

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Omg shes posted something for a change!
Sep 15, 2008 // 9:25 AM
Hi everyone!

Been way to busy to even log onto the computer in the past week, which can't be good for you lot now can it?!
Guess who got their reading list... i was dead excited about even getting a letter this morning, because i thought NTU must have forgotton me, due to the lack of emails and post. But for one fine lucky day NTU finally thought "Hey, lets post that nice girl a letter!" and here i am, with my letter!
The letter included: dates to add to my diary that i have bought [Picture shortly!] , and my reading list type thing was a suggested reading list and current issues and debates i need to wize up on for the course, horaah...

Also, because i have 15 DAYS left till i go to NTU, i went out and spent my parent's money on uni stuff, basic things really;

Yeah, that about it what i bought :) I still have way loads to get from looking at my list, i keep adding to it daily, unfortunatly for my mum and dad!

Ok i think thats about all i can write now, im off to gander about on the inerweb for research on my reading list. I will update again tomorrow afternoon say 5-6ish (pm). Feel free to comment, especially on what else i should buy or not buy lol, or just comment for the sake of it, i will be most happy :)

Much love

Nic x x x

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And it begins
Sep 3, 2008 // 12:57 PM
Yes the blog has oficially started! Horaah! *party poppers go off, baloons released, party hats given out*

So i've been accepted to Nottingham Trent University (NTU), gained grades i wanted and have chosen my accomodation: Gill street (even if it is very expensive!).
I will begin in more detail tomorrow what i have bought so far and where to get the bargins for bedding, towels, plates etc.
But also with getting a glimpse of my uni life, you get to know my personal life too (lucky you!...) this at the moment is going to consist of my borthers wedding, parents new house, moving to a new town and gettinga new job :S

Just going to watch Lost in Austin, and really can't be arsed to spell check this post, lazy student label is living its legend :D

much love Nic x

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