My 101 list
Jan 30, 2009 // 12:15 PM
Yay im back hone to collect my sister, as she is staying over at mine for the weekend. So as i was pondering the world wide web, i stumbled upon Basically you have to complete 101 tasks in 1001 days, sounds like fun to me!

So here is my list:

    1. Personal/Healthy
    2. Change my hair colour
    3. Join the gym
    4. Achly do a workout at the gym
    5. Send my parents a letter from uni
    6. Keep to the £40 a week budget for at least a week
    7. Start playing the keyboard again
    8. Draw a family tree
    9. Give a just because gift to each family member: Mum, Dad and Flick
    10.Use my old ipod since someone stole my last one
    11. Try to save at least £500 from my student loan
    12. Back up all assignments and keep them in a safe box
    13. use mouth wash as a normal routine (completed when done for 3 months)
    14. Not to read gossip mags for a week
    15. not to go on facebook for 2 days!
    16. Go to church
    17. Vote at an election or something
    18. Study at least 10 hours in a week (for 2 weeks to pass)
    19. No internet day
    20. Not to drink alcohol for a week
    21. Write myself a letter and read it in 10 years time
    22. Finnish an assignment 1 week before its due date
    23. Get 80% on an assignment
    24. Stop biting my nails

    Something for others
    25. Volunteer
    26. Donate 10,000 rice on
    28. Start taking photos and maybe post them on deviantart?
    29. Post a post secret
    30. create an active memory box
    31. Make a scrapbook for 2009
    32. Make a short film
    33. Make a music video- any suggestion on a song?
    34. Make a collage poster
    35. Make and finnish my 'happy scrap book'

    36. Organise flat party with a theme
    37. Go ride in a boat
    38. Go to a festival
    Go on a picnic
    39. Try a cocktail
    40. Send a message in a bottle
    41. Build a sandcastle!
    42. Take the PS2 to uni
    43. Finnish one game
    44. Try shots with the strangest names
    45. Go bowling
    46. Try on a really expensive dress
    47. Do a treasure hunt for Flick arround nottingham
    48. Go to a book signing
    49. Join NaBloPoMo
    50. Have a pj day
    51. Go ice skating
    52. Join project 365
    53. Watch at least one saw film
    54. Buy and wear a free hugs t-shirt
    55. Spend £100 on clothes
    56. create a rubber band ball
    57. Go to 10 football matches (0/10)
    58. Play sims again
    59. Watch a sunrise
    60. Be a tourist for the day at Nottingham
    61. Read all the twilight series
    62. Enter at least 50 competitions (0/50)
    63. Build a snowman
    64. Go to a high profile london night club
    65. Watch at least one old season of Dr. Who
    66. Watch the rest of the x-files
    67. Go to the fair
    68. Win a prize at the fair
    69. Go watch a live band
    70. read 50 books (0/50)
    71. Watch breakfast at tifannys

    72. Travel somewhere amazing and cultural
    73. Go to the theatre
    74. Learn itallian
    75. Visit new york
    76. Visit new zealand
    77. Go to a museum
    78. Make a push pin map of the world
    79. Go to london
    80. Find a pen pal
    81. Learn something new that i don’t really need to know about
    82. Make a freind from the USA
    83. Go to ireland
    84. Get a bus/ train to somewhere i havent been before in the UK

    85. Plant a tree
    86. Water the plant dad bought me for uni and keep it alive every day
    87. Get work experience- preferebly something environmentally
    88. Participate in earth hour
    89. Stop using plastic bags, and remember own eco bag
    90. See a natural waterfall
    91. Make veggie soup at uni
    92. Bake a cake
    93. Eat the recomended 5 a day for at least a week
    94. Try sushi
    95. Stop eating chocolate for a week
    96. Make a recipie book
    97. Drink 2litres of water a day (1 month at least)
    98. not to drink coffee for a whole week
    99. Bake bread from scratch
    100. Make a pizza from scratch
    101. Go to 5 new restarunts (0/5)

    And i will put £1 in the jar for every task i complete

Some websites i found useful to get to my 101 mark were: An amazing website about four guys who want to complete a '100 things to do before you die' list, and from what they have achived so far i think its inspiring. has some really good ideas that are easily achiveable and fun to do.

I will probably put these into sections tomorrow :)

Much love Nic

Who is this girl?
Jan 29, 2009 // 8:09 AM
Hey everyone! Yes im back, im so sorry i havent been online for donkeys years, i no its a really bad excuse which most bloggers use all the time, but its the truth- i have basically been way to busy for words to describe in one sentence so ill just sorta glabble on (as i do :D) about whats happened since my last post.

Ok so i left off fuming about that guy in my old flat. Yes you have seen it right old flat. Basically i have left my student flat because of said boy making my life a living hell. In December i was at home for 2 weeks, because i was quite ill with ashma, i was going back to uni on the train to go to lectures but i spent my free time back with my parents and sister in Chesterfield. So when i get back to the flat when i was feeling much better, there was an atmosphere in the flat, especially with me and him, he did apologise from what he said (Last post), so i thought everything was hunky dory... little did i know that he was releasing a hate campaign against me. I later found out that he was bitching about me online on facebook, which he must of known i could see if i had the same freinds as he does. He ended up getting everyone posting horrible things about me to others who i was really good friends with, so i was feeling all alone and again hated myself for being who i was. So at xmas i decided to move out :) I dont deserve this, i havent done anything wrong to him, yeah im a bit naive and sometimes quite, but isnt everyone who hasnt lived in a huge city such as Nottingham?!

So me and my mum went down to student accomodation service's and just explained everything, then the next day i was shown 4 other student accomodation i could move into, in which i chose an amazing victorian house converted into flats :D

Its much cheaper than my old one from £105 to £65, so i have alot of money to spare, the people here are amazing! So freindly and homely, we have sofas, private car park, wireless internet and everyone is so much more social. So yeah im a happy and much more confident little student :)

Ive also handed in tones of assignments- 7 to be precise, in which i have got 2 back and i gained 58% and 56% for my law and government results, i am a bit disapointed because i forgot to cite in the text, which would have bumped up my marks alot, but its still a pass and only my first piece of work :)

Today was eventfull too! Someone last night thought it would be fun to leave the shower on (oh yeah its shared bathrooms) for an hour, which blew the fuse, we could smell something burning and basically they have burned out something that makes the electrics work... so i woke up this morning thinking 'God its cold!' so i turn the heating up and nothing happens, so i try the TV and nothing i go into the bathroom and the lights wont work... then it hits me- electrics have gone and i have a lecture in 1 hour and my hair is horrible and i need a shower! So i ended up going to my lecture looking like crap, oh the joys of uni!

But i am definetly enjoying uni at my new flat, and everything feels like its falling into place, espeicaly with my sister coming to this uni next year its going to be an amazing year i just no it!

Hope everyone had a fantastic xmas and new year :)
I will post my flat pictures soon

Comments appeaceated :D

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