Busy Bee!
Feb 22, 2009 // 2:10 PM
I am Seriously happy today :)

I went to see 'Confessions of a shopaholic' and it was really funny, and i think every girl can relate to it! Especially me, with my student budget being spent manily on clothing that i really dont need :S But hey im only a sutdent once and why not get into debt in style- topshop and urban-outfitters style to be exact :D
If i was reviewing this i would give it a 5/5!

Also the Kelly Clarkson album is amazing :) has anyone else heard it?

Ok so i saw on Georgina's blog that she has done a questionaire, i love questionaires so ta-da! Im going to answer this one :)

1. You’ve been a webdesigner for ______ years?
I can't remember properly when i first started out designing websites, but i must have been at least 14/15 when i gained an interest. I didnt use to just have a blog type website, i use to have a website such as Georgina's where you had loads of content, but since going to uni i realised i could'nt keep it all up to date, and therefore just a blog would be beneficial :)

2. When was the last time you cried?
On Friday... Omg this is going to sound so silly. But i've had this rash on my arm, about the size of a penny, which looked much like eczema because it was'nt a different colour. So on Friday i woke up and it had turned red, with pin-pricks of red in the middle. So i google the symptoms of pin-prick red rash. And what does the wonderful google turn up? Menigitus!
So me, being all groggy and drama queen like, call my mum in tears saying its gone red and google says its menigitus. After a 10 minute calming down phone call from my mother, who insisted that its not eczema as the rash was there a week before and you have other symptoms other than a rash. In the end i went to the doctor and its basically a skin infection. Yay for me! Im the cleanest person ever, but my sister suggested its because im sharing a bathroom with 5 other people.

3. What are three things you absolutely hate?
People who try and put others down- this happened last week to me when my ex-flatmates (i moved out of my old flat due to them being horrible to me) thought it would be fun to Facebook stalk me, and send my new flatmates messages about me. Oh what a fun day that was!
My radiator- it won't work atm, so student accomodation services are going to have a very cold and angry student tomorrow morning :)
Jessie- Flicks cat, who has decided whilst im at uni, my bed is now hers. Full of cat fur this weekend, not good!

4. What was the weirdest thing that happened to you today?
Nothing really. got stuck in a traffic jam for 45 mins to notts was the only thing thats relly happened!

5. Do you like your name?
I love it! Nichola. Even though people do forget the H. But thats no biggie :)

Ive got a presentation to do tomorrow morning at 10am, in law and government :( Im not looking forward to it! Especially as my group will probably not turn up- somone is at a wedding, someone else has not been in uni for 4 weeks, and the other says they should be in but i doubt it!
I am not doing it on my own, i hate standing up in public talking about crap all, that i havent the foggiest about. I HATE LAW!

I am seroisly tired and really can't be bothered to spell check :) so grammer and spelling is rubbish on this entry. I am off to bed now, and maybe read Hold tight-harlan coben. Which i suggest you all read, because its a really good read :)

My questions today are:
1. What is your fave website other than Facebook, myspace etc and blogs?
Mine is the lolcats website, its so funny! It chears me up and i have major giggling fits :)

2. What is your fave designer/ shop?
Urban-outfitters is my fave, but i also love topshops new collection- goodbye student budget!

Much love,

Sleepy week sort of...
Feb 17, 2009 // 1:35 PM
Hey everyone :)

Im at the moment blogging in the kitchen/ living room, watching coleens real women, i didnt even realise it was on today! All the guys are drooling over the models, which is rather funny.

I got back from Chesterfield yesterday, which i otherwize call home. I think it was about 8pm when i got back, and when i was walking up the stairs to my flat, with my dad following behind with my suitcase :D one of my freinds from another flat saw me and said "Are you coming out tonight?" i first of all said "No i don't think i can be bothered really, sorry hun", just because im really lazy and couldnt be bothered to get changed in less than an hour ready for pre-drinks in another flat. Then after i had unpacked my suitcase and got sorted, i wandered into one of my flatmates room, because most people were in there. Everyone was like aww you had better come out! So peer pressure got the better of me and in less than 15 mins i had changed and got a bit more make up on, and was in the flat next door drinking wine and gossiping about god knows what!

Felix was supose to be coming too but pulled out at the last minute. I havent had a text, call or a facebook message since Saturday, i don't know if i have done anything wrong or... oh god im being so freeking cynical here but... my old flatmates who for some reason have a hate perspective on me for no paticular reason (apart from the guy who decided to tell it to my face in an agressive manner, so it made me feel threatened by him, which i think he was aiming for tbh). Recently they have found out that im good freinds with Felix, so on facebook they have added him as a freind. So im thinking, cynical as i am that one of them have sent him a message about god knows what, maybe their 'side' of why i left the flat without telling them.

God why does uni have to be so stressfull at times when im getting things on track!?

[EDIT] Its now the 18th instead of the 17th which is when the above was wrote, but i went to bed because i wasnt feeling so good :(

Today hasnt gone well either, basically my sister is going to NTU this year, but at a different campus. So i went along with her to the campus for the open day. I ended up walking out at 12 from being there at 10. I have been in a foul mood all day, i feel rather ill- i think its a cold. But my mum and sister were just annoying me, we had about 30mins to kill and we didnt know our way around this campus, so we went to get some food. So i picked up a sandwich, and my mum looked at it and said "your not going to eat all that are you?" so i replied "yes, i think so" wondering what a daft question that is, since i ate about 2 spoonfulls of cereal that morning due to sleeping in (my pure lazyness :D). So i just put the sandwich down and said "right im going, ill talk to you later", and got the bus back to the city campus and went back to my flat. She said all this in front of everyone in the cafe, she made me feel fat as if eating food was really bad! God!!!!

So im just fuming tonight, also my sister had the cheek to call me to say i should appologise for walking out and being rude. Ok WTF?!

Seroisly, i do wonder sometimes.

So my questions today are,
1. Does your family do anything to annoy you?
2. What shall i dress up as for a disney themed party on saturday?

Nic xxxx

love is in the air!
Feb 14, 2009 // 4:39 PM
Happy valentines day everyone! Well even though its 40 minutes past 12, which in theory and common sence which i mostly lack :D means v-day has been and gone! But anyway because im still wide awake, listening to Beyonces album- which i highly recomend you buy, since its amazing! I personally like singing along to 'If i were a boy' unfortunatly for my flatmates, but thats how i roll!
God that was a rather bad tangent! From v-day to singing. Im blaming the sugar content on cheerios! (Have i spelt that right?!)

Ok, Back to v-day! Mine went fantastically: I've made a really good friend called Felix, he is one of my flatmates friends. We mostly see each other at clubs, and we dance together, chat together and just everything whilst were there, we just get on very well. But because we only meet in clubs with our friends it means we havent got to know each other that well. So about a week ago i get a text

Felix: Hey can i ask you a question? xxx
Me: Yeah sure :) x
Felix: May i have the pleasure of taking you out to dinner this coming Saturday? xxx
Me: Yeah that sounds great. x

So Saturday came, and he collected me at 6pm. He looked so cute stood there at the gate, with a bunch of roses in his hand, bless him! So cute and romantic! He took me to an itallian restarunt, which you have to pre-book to get a seat, about 15 people came in to see if there were any tables free, which there was but they were pre-booked. So i felt quite special that he took me to a place that is sought after! And OMG the food was rather expensive! £8 for penne chicken pasta :S I left so evil eating it, so i said i would pay half, but he would'nt let me! He said that he asked me out on a date and therefore he is paying for everything tonight. Awww!

So we chatted about everything, i found out so much about him, all in all he is a really nice guy, he comes from China, he is very sporty, he comes from what i can see as a freindly background, with 2 sisters, and a mother and father who travel alot around the world.

Then we onto the Nottingham eye... now im not to good with heights.. ok scrap that, im rubbish with heights! But it looked so pretty, so we went on it. And my god how wonderful does Nottingham look when your ages up in the sky, and can see according to TrentFM 15 miles across Nottingham. I demand that everyone goes on at least one type of eye thingy ma jig- Has anyone been on the London eye?

Now away from the love and gushyness of v-day, one of my flatmates has caught strep throat. He was bed ridden about 3 days ago, had no energy at all. So we drove to find the medical walk in centre, because all the appointments had been taken up in the student docs. But we couldnt find it, so after 30 mins we gave up, as according to google maps, its only 5 mins away!? Yeah right!
I personally thought he had man-flu, but then the next day he was a bit better, so went to the docs and they told him he had strep throat. So now he is milking it for its worth, bless him! But he hasnt been covering his mouth when he coughs, which means all of us are coming down with some type of cough, Ive started to have a type of barking cough tonight! So im taking strepsils 24/7, just to prevent any bacterium trying to kill my voice and feeling of being well!

Im going back home tomorrow, as im off on Monday as my Law lecture has been canceled! HUZZAH! So my parents and my sister are taking me out for a curry, and im taking my washing home too :D Just because im to lazy to wash my own. hehe!

Right i really need to go pack for tomorrow. So lastly here are some questions:
1. How did your v-day go?
2. Have you been watching 90210? (Omg how i love their clothes!)
3. What are you listening to right now?

Loves and kisses,

Feb 9, 2009 // 8:32 AM

This image is my room which looks quite clean
This is the other side of my room you can see its a tad messy, but who cares hehe!

This is my bookshelf, which is looking quite bare compared to how many books i have at home!

And lastly the kitchen... kinda speaks for itself really... messy!
Hope you like the piccies, i took them with my new camera, which is amazing so far! My old one wouldnt work in clubs and the flash was silly because it made everything white. No good! Im using Flickr now, because i really want to get into photography, there is a photography society at the university, but i think it might be too late to join in now? Talking of societies, i havent been to drama soc in ages..whoops.

Ahh its so scary here at the moment! For instance this morning i tidyed my room up so it was spotlessly clean, then i realised i needed to go to the bank to sort out some accomodation things. When i returned at 2pm. I opened my room which was locked, and all my lights were on including my lamp, my bags were all over the floor, and my wardrobe was open... nothing has been stolen so i havent been robbed and my windows don't open so robbers can't get in anyway! So im in need of holy water hehe!
I'm totally broke nearly i only have £200 to last me till March, but i do get £500 from NTU at the end of Feb, but you know what im like! Ill get the £500 and spend it in urban outfitters, topshop, vintage shops and only have a £10 to my name!

Its my friends bithday today, so most of Gordon house are going out to Walkabout! Have you been there before? I love it there its my fave club, especially tonight as its £1 drinks!

Much love and hugs

Back in the snow
Feb 7, 2009 // 2:56 AM
Yay it started snowing about 3 days ago!

I woke up, realized my room was colder than normal (my room at uni is cold in the morning due to the heating going off at 12- grr!) so i glanced out the window and saw the jolly good old snow. I love when it snows because you can have snowball fights, build snowmen and just have a good laugh with your freinds.

But that day it was snowing, went a little differently... Firstly i got an email about 30 mins before i was leaving for uni, saying that the university was closed for the day in order to make sure the lectuers could get back home. Horrah! A proper snow day!! So my flat decided to built a snowman... well until the guys decided to change the snowman to the part that guys only have, if you get my meaning haha! And then Tony rugby tackled it down before i could take some piccies of it, lovely!
Have i told you about that guy in my flat? He never comes out at all to socialise with us, i have seen him around but he just doesnt care about being around us. We havent done anything for him to not like us, so its rather strange. Anyway in the middle of our snowball fight the guys decided it would be fun to aim the snowballs at the non social guys window, it took about 10 untill we heard a SMASH... they had broken his window. And they wonder why he doesnt come out to socialise with us?! The poor guy, i think he is just a little shy, he seems really nice and kind, but i think because we are all quite confident and very talkative, he is quite scared about coming out with us. Poor guy!

Anyway im back home now in Chesterfield, which has far more snow than nottingham. Oh and i really want to go out either to watch the new film 'He's just not that into you' or go shoppping. But my sister is just mellowing, being miserable, just because she hasnt got a job due to the recission. Like i got back at 6ish yesterday and i was really looking forward to seeing her and just doing normal sisterly things, but she is just being beaten down by not having a job. Me and my mum have told her that because Woolies and many other stores in Chesterfield have shut down, there are families who need jobs, who have a morgage to pay, and so they won't give a 19 year old who hasnt got a family to support a job over a mother who has a child to put into education a put dinner on the table each day. She is going to uni next year at the same university as me, but i just hope she will be much more happier and bubblier than she is now, or else it will just ruin ti for herself, which would be a shame.

Guess who has a house share for next year! I signed the contract yesterday, and its such a nice house, i am going to be sharing with 5 other 2nd years next year, and we havent all me before so it will be sort of being a 1st year again meeting new people in halls hehe. The house is 2 tram stops from uni which takes 10 minutes, and ASDA is across the road. And its costing £250 a month, which is really good because it use to cost £400 a month in Gill street when i use to live there.

Right im off to try and get my sister outside, i really want to build a snowman! or at least do something productive!

Cooments welcome and appreaciated!

This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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