3 weeks!!!!!
Apr 26, 2009 // 11:58 AM
Oh-mi-golly-goshness...its only 3 weeks till all my lectures are no more! I just cannot believe how fast the whole term has been, it feels like just last week i was packing my bags to go to univeristy, with my piggy bank sheep- which apparently is empty (take-away money prehaps?) and shiney pots and pans. Now im left with more clothes than i came with, but less kitchen ware than i came with (mainly due to smashing half of them, and loosing glasses in other peoples flats).

But i have got 3 more pieces of work, including a presentation on Bhopal, a presentation on Air pollution and a CV for a job, which i might attempt tomorrow? Then 4 weeks after my lectures have finnished i have an exam on Law and Government, which i must say, i am not looking forward to! But its only a 40% pass rate and it doesnt go towards our grades. Nope, next year is the year to worry about grades! Im wanting a 2:1- im being hopeful here guys!

I watched The day the earth stood still, and i must say its absolutely brilliant! The plot is basically us humans are polluting the plant and harming everything, so some aliens come along to review the situation, they decide to stop us by killing all human life. The ending is amazing, if you have seen it, do you not think they should do a sequal about what happens next? The special effects are amazing, the acting is superb, and the plots are good too :)
I give it 5/5

Much love everyone! Oh and add me on twitter ------------------>


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Happy easter!
Apr 14, 2009 // 2:27 PM
Yeah i know its a bit late now, but read my last post for lack of blogging details :)

Anyway rolling onto what ive been up to...
Ive had a really stressful week before i went back home for easter, as im in a group assignment of a presentation about smoking. Ive been to all of our meetings we have all set within the 3 months we had to prepare the presentation and 3000 word report. But 1 person in paticular did not turn up at any time! With some stupid excuses such as "I cant get into uni as im at the doctors" and "Train isnt working". Ok seriosly those excuses may work on teachers at schools, but were at UNIVERSITY!!! Get some fucking pespective, you paying at least £4000 a year just to get through uni, you could at least try and get a decnet grade! Oh and you havent heard the worse of it... because its group work their work affects my grade at the end of the assesment! Great, so now my grade in left in the hands of someone who decides to have the day of uni and giving poor excuses even my freeking cat would think is stupid! Anyway... we did the presentation (bar a few reading word-for-word's of a certain someone, it went well and we got 56%), but then we had to do a report about the presentation. We had dedicated different parts of the report to each of us (such as introduction, conclusion, minutes, etc). I did mine 2 weeks before hand in date and two others did theirs 1 week before. So i was to compile it together and hand it in, the only thing was i needed work of one more person. They ended up sending me their work at 11pm the night before hand in day! Then when i was looking through the work, i found they had plagerised everything! and i mean everything! I googled their work and it was all from one website, so i rang her up and told her to write it again and i want it at 9am in the morning.
She did this but half of it was still copyed and pasted, so i had to re-write someone elses work within 1 hour! So now i was in tears with anger that they left me to do their work! And i reckon im going to get a shite mark, and its her fucking fault!
Sorry for the swearing, im just really angry!

But i sent an email to my lectuerer but still havent recieved a reply- its been 4 weeks! Good old Nottingham Trent, what a load of shit!

I am starting to wish i went to a different university and a different course. Ive really been thinking about what i want to do in my life, like what do i want to achive? I am really intetested in the environment, but i love photography, i think i take amazing photographs, and people compliment me on my ability of photography. But its not a stable career like environmental health is. I am so scared sometimes that im going into the wrong career, will i like the job i will do? Will i miss out on other opotunities by being "career minded"? Its too late to go into a different course now, ive spent too much money to do that!

Ok. Now away from the sad, depressing part of the blog.

I got really pissed last Tuesday- i went out in Notts with some freinds from my old hometown, they stayed over in my uni flat. We went to some pubs and the to Tanta (my fave bar! ) They have beds all around the club, instead of tables and chairs etc :) fab! Anyway i have 3 shots, and 3 sminoffs before going out, and then 4 vodkas and cokes, so i was absolutely and completely bladdered! I was saying silly things like "GODS GIVING FREE SHOTS!" "I LOVE HENRY THE HOOVER!" . My sister had to look after me, from looking at my facebook photos i was rather drunk, feel free to add me on FB, just FB search Nichola Isherwood :) x

Guess what im listening to right this second?! Only the best song atm- Silly boy- rihanna feat lady GaGa. I give it 5/5.

1.How has your easter been?

2. Are you going anywhere nice this year for a holiday?

Well its 11:15 according to my laptop, so im going to bed :)
Chat later my lovelies!

Apology :D
Apr 10, 2009 // 3:13 PM
Ahh Oh- My-God, so sorry everyone for the lack of blogging!

I will definetly blog tomorrow afternoon around 1-3pm (ish).

Reasons for not blogging:
- Busy with university
- Busy with personal life
-Shear lack of bordom with basically everything (ive been in a stroppy cow mood for about a month)
- Being back at home for easter holidays, catching up with freinds, getting over hangovers

So to make it up to all you lovely lot! I will post a very long blog, with some lovely photos and some amazing news that im excited about tomorrow

Comments apreciated!

1. Hows your easter going?
Fan-freeking-tastical! Been out with freinds for uni last week and this week i met up with old friends from Buxton and went out in Nottingham for fun times!

2. Have you seen kate moss's new TOPSHOP collection and do you like it?
Love it, love it, love it. Love. it! There is a dress i want, but its £100- my student budget will not streach to that!

Nic xxx

This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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