Busy busy bee!
Nov 29, 2009 // 4:25 AM
Honestly i really am wonedring where all the time goes, i have such a busy schedule at the moment. Especially with the workload this year, i have an assignment due in December 18th, which i have no started or even looked at yet. I might have a gander at it after i have wrote this post... emphasis on the might!

Its a Sunday- according to the bible that is the day of rest. Yeah well that is not going to happen is it, really. My plan for the day was supose to go something like this;
What really has happened so far;
So you just know my day is not going to go to plan. But i am doing some work, i have wrote up some Law notes....though the presentation's are 60 slides each, with 5 presentations. So yeah its going to be a loooong day.

Yesterday was great! I woke up on a good time (i believe it was 9am), and me and Victoria (housemate) decided we should go out to the SU for the night, since all our other housemates ave gone home for the weekend. Then i get a call from my parents, telling me to find a Indian restaurant close to my house, as they are coming over in the afternoon to see me- now you must know that since i have moved into this part of nottingham, i have not had a look round to see what there is, so i had not the foggiest on good places to eat. So the rest of the afternoon was spent texting/facebooking freinds who live in nottingham and hence know good places. I did find a nice place, which was by chance, and its a 5 min drive away, SCORE! The curry was simply amazing, me and my Mum shared each of ours- i had a Rogan Josh and my mum had Saag Chicken (Basically a spinach dish), they were the yummiest i have ever eaten!
We ended up not going to the SU but instead watch lots of movies and fall asleep in the living room. All together a fun day :)

How has your day been?

Im here do not fret!
Nov 16, 2009 // 8:10 AM
Hello lovlies!

I know, i know i have been a horrible blogger. I have not been present on the blog-o-sphere, for quite a while :( My fault of course! Simply put: i have way to much university work to get through... no seriosly, this is not just one of those weak excuses of "oh, yeah sorry....urm...too much work...can't do that at the moment" excuses. I have an assignment on HHSRS (Just google it, and you shall see what i have to put up with) split up into 4 parts, using a housing report (made by our tutor- meaning its utterly confusing, nothing is sectioned off like: exteriour/living room/kitchen etc), its 1000 words, and i have so much to write! I went over my word count for part 1 by 250 words, then realised i can put it in a table and then it doesnt count towards the word count- Seriosly what is the point of having a freeking word count?!

The other module's are simply amazing! Im loving the housing and regeneration one, its just so interesting how a house can affect the community, work, and basically everything, dont worry i shall not bore you with that nonsence...unless you want me too? :D
So im hoping, next year, when i have to do 6 months work experience, i can go into the housing market, working with those who help regenerate houses. Though i havent the foggiest where to start looking!

Ok moving away from university... last night i went out with my friends, freind. Ok i think i might have to explain this, so you do not get confused!
-Phil is a very good friend of mine, i lived next to him in my halls of residence last year. This year he lives with two guys both called Andy. One of the Andy's is super hot! And we sort of (ok we have!) have a thing for each other. A couple of days ago i was chatting to him about university and not being out for a drink or clubbing in ages (1 whole freeking week!), so he suggested we meet up for a drink on Sunday night, which i obviously agreed to :)
So we went out last night and it was so much fun, we chatted about everything, and he walked me home (holding hands i might add) and we are going out again this week.
However, Phil has a crush on me, and neither me or Andy want to tell him were dating (?!), so i have to sneak into his flat when i go over to make sure Phil does not know! Aha, what a mess, and to top it all off, i have to go over to their flat tomorrow night because it is Phil's birthday!

Right im off to do some more uni work, this seems to be never ending lol
- Oh and i am defo back! I promise as least one post a week!

This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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