Photos and phones
Oct 20, 2009 // 11:22 AM
Im sure you all aware (if tyour a gossip fanatic, such as myself) that Perez Hilton has a few words to say about T-Mobile:

I have been having my own vendeta about the T-mobile service:

My phone died about 2 months ago, according to the phone people (yes this is the technical term tehe!) it was due to condensation, or because its been in the wet. Firstly i love my phone dearly, that i would never put it in danger, secondly how can a phone that costs £130 retail value break due to condensation?! Its the biggest load of tosh i have ever heard!
So i sent if off to be fixed, a month later (2 days ago) they tell me they cannot fix it, so are instead giving me £130, and i still have to pay for my contract which end in Feburary.

Though i have a solution (or rather my mum does): My mum has my sim card as that is the one with the contract on, and puts it in her phone, instead of using pay as you go. Then i can get a new phone (Iphone please!!!!) and a better contract with the money :D

The moral of this story? Dont go with T-mobile!!!!!!

Also i will upload some photos of my new house tomorrow.

Oink oink!
Oct 13, 2009 // 11:35 AM
Hey all. Im pretty sure that you all know about this swine flu palarvour, yet most of us (ok all) are in the mindset of "Oh it will never effect me". Thats exactly what i was thinking about 2 days ago, untill i got a phone call from my mum telling me that my sister has caught the dreaded swine flu, and has therefore gone to my brothers until she gets better!
When i last chatted to her she could hardly speak, which isnt exactly one of the worse things in the world! (Joking, joking!). My parents are in Cyrpus for a week on holiday, and Flick is supose to start her first week of lectures yesterday (which she obvs missed) so its a bit of a mess round here.

Now i have started feeling a bit ill, sniffling, coughing and genereally unwell. Hopefully i have not caught swine flu, im more than likely have caught a cold, as im not showing any of the swine flu symptoms such as feeling sick and a high temperature. Also my flatmates have started to show signs of being ill, so its not good.

Anyway just a quick update, and also does anyone know a good sorority names, our house wants to become a sorority (the only one in UK, Nottingham!).

An open letter to my timetable
Oct 4, 2009 // 7:09 AM
Dear NTU timetable,

I know you must have a hard job just uploading timetables, changing the times/dates/lecture rooms/etc whenever needed. Though i have been waiting quite a while to recieve mine, you see Mr. Timetable i recieved a letter from my course leader saying: my timetable would arrive on the system by the 25th September, though apparently you have pulled a sickie and decided to leave my timetable till last. Heck, lets give the freshers their timetables; my flatmate who is a fresher recieved hers 2 days ago, and was supose to get it on the 5th October.
Everone i know so far has recieved their timetables apart from one class.... MINE! Now why is this, do you not think because there are only 15 students in this class, we would not mind? Prehaps, prehaps not, since i start lectures on the 14th (aparently from letters from my lectuerers) and its now 4th October. So Mr. Timetable would you pretty please like to upload within this week, i would rather appreciate it.

Yours Faithfully,
Nichola Isherwood

[Note to bloggers: im getting so pissed of about my timetable, just needed to vent :)]

Hello internet and lovely nottingham!
Oct 1, 2009 // 2:28 AM
Warning: This post shall be very long since i have not blogged in over a week (Ive been very much deprived!)

Most of you probably know that i have moved back to Nottingham about 2 weeks ago (Whoop whoop!) if you are following me on twitter/facebook. I moved into a lovely house about 15 Min's walk away from the University or 5 Min's on the tram (i use that for lazy/hangover days), the only other housemate here at the moment is Nicky who is really nice and fun to be around.
Though the other 3 flatmates are still not here even though the house contract started on 16Th September, this is only because the other three rooms still have not been finished, which means me and Nicky have to put up with builders from 10am to 9pm every day since we moved on on the start of the contract. Though apparently my landlady told us that they should be finished by this afternoon (hopefully!).
Me and Nicky both has a sneak peek in the three unfinished rooms last night (doors left open due to paint drying i presume?) and they are so huge, one has a walk in wardrobe, another has an en-suite, though last year i had an en suite which i didn't like, i prefer shared. My room is the smallest in the house, but its nice and cosy and homely, don't get me wrong i would love a huge room, but i wanted a small cute one. In fact i shall post photos soon :)

So since i'm writing this, you will obviously know that i have finally got the Internet up and running; yesterday me and Nicky got back to the house after a weekend at home and decided to install the Internet... 4 hours later, 20 phone calls to virgin media and many cup of teas later the Internet was fixed (apparently all we needed to do was unplug replug). Now just the virgin media TV to do today and then we are a full pledged working student house!

Flick my sister is going to the same University as me this year, she moves into her halls tomorrow, so I'm nipping over to the Clifton campus (i live in the City she lives at Clifton campus) to help her unpack and of course to see my lovely parents :)
I have only been to Clifton campus twice and that was only going to the labs and that's the only place i know. So god knows where the halls of residence is, I'm thinking of pretending to be a little fresher and ask where it is lol.

Also has anyone found the wonder that is Skpye? Since my Internet decided to work yesterday, i wanted to chat to Flick but my phone was very much dead and charging from all those virgin media calls, so i remembered she has Skype and downloaded it. I didn't realise it was a free video call, so i think i will be using skype more often than my mobile to contact her :)

2. Your fave song at the moment?

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