Need some fun
Mar 14, 2009 // 10:46 AM
This week has been hetic! Ive been in the workshop for the built environment module, basically its an assesment piece split up into 5 parts, which all includes algerbra, masuring temperatures, working out electricity supplies, working out heating supplies and now i have lots of writing up to do :(

Oh also i had an amazing day in Clifton labs, we had to catch a bus from the city campus to clifton, because we have no labs here, which is annoying as if i take the environmental health pathway next year then i will be in clifton alot of the time, and i have a house next year in the city :S So it looks like the bus for me!

Anyway we were in the labs for Biosphere assesment, where we had to do some chemical analysis thingy with E.coli, which was fun :) We have to wear white overals because of contamination of the bacteria can mess with the results. The only one left for me was size Large, and i usually fit into a Small, so i had the label of Casper the ghost for the rest of the labs, since i was a huge white blob, nice!

Ive also been out with Pete* again on Wednesday with the rest of his band mates. He and the band were practising behind the SU in a lecture theatre , and loads of people turned up to watch, some people were filming them, i think for demos to send to some clubs. Anyway after they had finnised Phil invited me to watch the Footy match at the SU with another band mate, called Joe* who isreally freindly, and quite funny. All in all i had a really good night, i prefer going out watching something or just chatting, rather than going out clubbing, as much as i love it!

Also im starting a new project, since i am doing environmental health, i was thinking of doing a blog about the environment, such as global warming, articles ive read that are interesting and news related to the environment. If you have ever heard of Popjustice then that will be the type of genre im going for but not pop... this is making no sence, but it will do in about 1-2 weeks time when ive got it up and running :)

Comments about my new blog are welcome :) And do you think it would be a good idea?

1. Do you care about the environment?
Hell yeah!

2. What was your highlight of the week?
Watching the footy and my team winning! :D


Good times
Mar 9, 2009 // 1:00 PM
This is what everyone i know from Nottingham say to describe something good, or when they update their facebook status it always has '...-good times' following their last night antics or their results for assesments.
So image my suprise when i see on my twitter account (which i think you all should add me on :) *points to the sidebar*) a well known celebrity using the exact same lingo when describing something good thats happened that day to them. I, being the naive little mis-fit, thought that good times was only used in Nottingham and not in any other county. And today just about 5 minutes ago, whilst watching C4 i saw the 90120 advert where those two girls- the one who takes Drugs, and the one who's parents are on the verge of a break-up, and they both say 'Good times!' i was like omg thats freeking amazing its in America too!
Maybe ive been a teeny weeny bit silly to think that only Nottingham has one type of lingo to describe things, haha im a silly!

Any way onto more amazingly cool things, I think i have wrote about this before but...have you heard Kelly Clarkson's new album? It is by far the best i have heard her since being in the American Idol (was it idol?), i know all the lyrics which my sister thinks is rather sad. But i love it!!! Compared to her last album. which i must say was very dramatic and depressing, none of the songs were happy and were mainly about boyfriends letting her down, whilst now some of the songs are about boyfreinds but in a more happy tone. And im so glad that she hasnt been taken over to the "dark side" of the public eye and Hollywood style publicity, to loose lots of weight, and so she shouldnt! She looks amazing :)

Oh My God! Ive got a major dilemma! Basically my friend Pete* asked me out to watch some indie bands play at our SU with some of his friends. So i went along, me thinking it was a just friends get-togther. After having an amazing night watching the coolest bands i have ever heard in ages, he offered to walk me to the taxi rank, which is like 5 mins away. So we reach the taxi place, and we both hug each other, but him being a guy, decides to try to kiss me, not a peck on the check but a full on kiss! So i just reverted to his cheak and gave him a peck and then got into the taxi. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, why do guys have to be so stupid when it comes to girls, i send out so many messages to him that night that i didnt like him that way. And im not attracted to him (i seem so mean!),

So the moral of this story is guys do not get girly messages!

My questions:
1. Hows your week been?
See above!

2. What are your plans for this week?

Much love and cuddles.
*Name anonmous (is that spelt right) just incase lol

Mar 1, 2009 // 10:34 AM
What a lovely weekend i have had :)
I was going to stay at Nottingham for the weekend with Sam and Shaun whilst my other flatmates went home for the weekend, but then i get a call on Thursday night, its my brother who i haven't seen in 3 months :( Saying that he and Nuala (his wife) are going to mums on Saturday. So i told him i would be there on Saturday. And it was fabulous! Had a very good catching up session with them both, and he has decided to come visit me very soon, when they do not have too much work on. Yay!

Also my dads buisness is going very well, i personally think he will be a millionaire by the end of the year, watch out dragons den! He has made his own turntable called Eclipse, and its cost about £25k to make 10-20 (not sure of exact number), it sounds so much better than the other turn tables on the market at the moment such as Lyn sondeks (probably wrong spelling but meh!) from what ive heard. Twas rather funny yesterday night, my dad had just got his laptop back, because it had too many documents on it so it was quite slow. So anyway he was writing something online, to sell his turntables, and when he was like 5 seconds from saving his work and submitting it, the whole internet closed down... for no aparrent reason. So he was quite annoyed about having to do it all over again. In the end he went back to using my old laptop, which he thinks is much better than his new laptop thart closed down the internet lol. i wonder why?!

Erm...what else has happened? yeah nothing much to be honest, its been quite boring. Oh i know! Basically ive been finding my room is quite boring... as in i have tonnes of posters on my wall, so it looks nice, it just doesnt feel right... i need some amazingly cute things to jazz it up! Such as urban-outfitters have cute items for rooms. So my main question for today is:

1. What should i 'jazz' my room up with?
2. What should i give up for lent (even thought it has gone about 2 days ago :S)?

Comments always appreciated,
Loves and hugs

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