Fun times ahead!
May 25, 2009 // 12:20 PM
I am so excited for Friday! Im going to Scarborough for the weekend to see my freind at her University. Ohh Just this second ive been told over Facebook that my other friend is coming too! So its going to be Me, James-my ex, what a fun journey this is going to be, and now Suesanne :)
Its supose to sunnyshine on Friday, so i rekon we will be going to the beach, so i need to find my bikini, etc. God knows where it is!

Just got back to university today, after being back in Chesterfield to see my brother and Nuala (His wife), he has an convertable Audi, which we went in, and its amazing! I really want one now :) But sadly im a student and can't even afford the number plate :(

Im listening to The veronicas new album at them moment, and i must say its amazing. I shall rate as 4/5, its quite poppy, and sorta reminds me of Kelly Clarksons first few albums, but better!

Ok onto the main aspect of University- the studying for exams... God help me! Ive been revising all week and its not going to plan. I have a Law and Government exam on the 9th of June, and the subjects in the module are;
I have got loads of revision notes, and ive been using the internet as a research tool because the books i borrowed from the library are hopeless, they all talk in a really high academic level- because they are all law books. There was even one book that introduction basically said:
"This book is to used for a starter idea of how English Law work" so im sort of doomed to fail if i just read law books. But i have sufficient info from the internet and its in much simpleir terms for the likes of me to understand!
Oh and before anyone thinks"Aww, poor thing! Its a shame she was born with the blonde gene" lol. I am deemed as quite inteligent, its just the sentences are really hard to understand especially for revision, i have used books such as those for my assignments which i have 2:1 for them :D But just for revision material where i put them into my own note form, it rather confusing :)

Eeek, it feels like i havent wrote that much today, i may blog again tomorrow about something totally of topic, and random :) Just because!

1. Looking forward to summer holidays?
2. Going anywhere special?
3. Chicken or the egg?

Love and Peace
Nic xxxx

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Girls Aloud and knitting
May 14, 2009 // 9:40 AM
OMG! Girls aloud were amazing! I went last Tuesday night with my sister, and a couple of my flatmates ended up getting tickets about 2 days before the show- which is really lucky! We had really good seats, we were at the side of the stage on tiered seats, so we could see everything, even behind stage, my sister was shouting "Ahhh OMG OMG! I can see them!" which got half the people near us shouting exactly the same and pointing.
The support acts were amazing, there were three supports acts alltogether, the first was a band who i have completely forgotten the name of (but ill find out and add later) who were really good, they are quite indie, which i thought quite strange for a pop girl band such as Girls aloud :S. Anyway the second act was Girls Cant catch, who if you have listened to their songs, to me sound crap, but live they were really amazing. And their outfits were gorge! They had the most glittery outfits i have ever seen! And one in pink! Even better :) The last act was ok, nothing compared to the other two acts and of course girls aloud :D

I spent £50 on merchandise- including a pink foam finger, t-shirt, mug and glowstick thingy. And because i havent had a photo blog in a while, and i know your getting deprived...

Look at the shiney merchandise!!! Isnt it pretty!

On another note, my mother is teaching me how to knit when i was last back home for the weekend. Ive been back at uni since then and when i had some spare time i have been knitting (not something to connotate with living at uni is it really lol). But what do you think so far? It only cost me £1 for the yarn and £1.50 for the needle thingys. But im going to buy some better metal ones when im better than a beginner level.

I was going to make a scarf, but then it was bigger than i thought it would be, hence the picture! So now its going to become a blanket for Flicks cat :) But it has a fair few holes, because of a couple of mistakes. But im sure the cat won't mind!

Onto university news! I have finnished all of my lectuers and seminars- Horah! But i have 1 exam on Law and Government- boo! So i have 4 weeks left of uni until my exam, so im staying at university untill the exam, and then im off home. In fact i have the whole dates ect sorted...
Eeeeeeeee! Mega excitement!

1. Hows your week been?
2. Can you knit?

Till next time sweeties!

Nichola xxx

Girls aloud Tour!
May 3, 2009 // 4:20 AM
Guess who is going to watch Girls Aloud on the 12th of May! Me!!! I went shopping yesterday with my sister and we both decided on a whim to buy some Girls Aloud tickets for this month. It cost us £60 (ish) which i think is quite good for a girls aloud concert :)
However some stupid band who i personally think cannot sing called Girls can't catch are a support act. My sister was telling me yesterday that they are copying The saturdays who i think are ok, but a bit tenny-bopperish, but i still sing along to the songs ha!
Evidence for copying
- The saturdays were the support act for Girls aloud last year
-The saturdays were orignally going to have the name Girls cant catch
- And both on the same label!

Ive got an individual presentation on Tuesday, which i am not looking forward to one little bit. Mine is about air pollution and its health affects, its supose to 15 minutes long. With 5 mins for questions. Some people did theirs last week, and the questions the lectuerer asked about each presentation were like omg how do you answer that, she is obsessed with feminism, so she always asks about how feminism links in with the subject etc. God knows how air pollution links in with it, the only think i can think of is, women are symbols of nature whilst men are symbols of industry (Or so says Environment & Society lecture ), so women may have a higher affect of changing air pollution because they understand it better. Ha, i sound so educated since going to uni.

Bought a new dress yesterday, its more of a summery dress, its from Dorety Perkins, which i dont tend to shop in, but i was looking for some black pumps, so i went into DP just to see what they have, and saw the cutest summer dress, its white with blue and red little flower pattern. Oh and i bought my shoes from new look :)

2 weeks left till i end uni and 9 days till Girls aloud concert! Can't wait!

1. Do you like Girls Aloud and are/have you seen them in concert?

2. Loving the summer weather?

Ill post again very soon :)
Lots of love

This blog is written by a girl known as Nichola. I am currently studying Environmental health at Nottingham Trent Univeristy. This blog was created for your pure enjoyment and her love for blogging :)

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